A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1201

“Mucheng, didn’t that bastard apologize to you yet?”
In the company, Qiu Mucheng’s mood has been depressed these days.
Susie was worried, and asked aloud while there was no one in the office.
Qiu Mucheng shook her head and laughed at herself: “It’s been two days since I haven’t seen anyone, so how can I apologize?”
“I haven’t been home for two days!”
“I’ll go, this guy really doesn’t know good or bad.”
“I’m angry, but I’m not going home at night?”
“No, Mucheng, you listen to me, he won’t contact you, don’t look for him either.”
“The couple quarreled, whoever bowed their heads first would lose!”
“You can’t get used to the bad temper of this bastard.”
“This time, you just leave him alone. If he doesn’t speak to you, you don’t care about him either.”
“If you don’t teach him a deep lesson, he won’t have a long memory.”
Susie was anxious when she heard it, and then said angrily, giving Qiu Mucheng an idea.
“Really, don’t we just speak harder, he can’t stand it?”
“He’s a poor boy, he doesn’t have any great skills, he has a strong self-esteem.”
“However, it’s really funny.”
“A door-to-door son-in-law, has such a big self-esteem?” Susie shook her head and said, only amused.
However, Qiu Mucheng’s mood was always low when she listened.
After a long time, Qiu Mucheng suddenly raised her head and looked at Susie: “Cici, do you think I and Ye Fan can go to the end?”
“Will he leave me alone because of this incident~”
When she said these words, Qiu Mucheng’s beautiful eyes suddenly turned red.
The fear and worries in my heart these few days burst out at this time.
Tears have been rolling in his eyes.
Susie was stunned: “Mucheng, what’s wrong with you, why do you say that?”
“Ye Fan’s ability to marry your wife is a blessing he has cultivated in his eight lifetimes.”
“He won’t want you unless he is kicked in the head by a donkey.”
“However, to be honest, Mucheng, I always think you and Ye Fan are very inappropriate.”
“Regardless of family background or living habits, the gap between you is too great.”
“You grew up in the city, the daughter of the Qiu family, even if you are not a young lady, is definitely a scholarly family. And Ye Fan, a countryman, born from a poor background, is not at the same level as us.”
“In other words, Ye Fan and us are people of two worlds.”
“So, I always advise you to leave Ye Fan.”
“But after so long, I can see that you are really in love with him, and you can’t live without him.”
“In this case, you can only run in slowly to eliminate the differences between each other.”
Susie sighed while talking.
“But Mucheng, this time you must not be the first to be soft.”
“Then Ye Fan is too much, if she doesn’t apologize, you are not allowed to forgive him, have you heard?”
“This is not only for you, but also for Ye Fan.”
“Otherwise, he will surely cause a bigger disaster in the future!”
Susie especially exhorted Qiu Mucheng.
Qiu Mucheng nodded.
After that, they were all in the mood and continued to work.
On the other side, Yunzhou People’s Hospital.
Liang Bo and Fan Zhongxian were sitting in wheelchairs and were slowly pushed out of the hospital by the two sisters, Xia Yue and Xia Xue.
Before the boxing gym, Liang Bo and Fan Zhongxian were the most injured, and their leg bones were fractured. Within a few months, they were afraid it would be difficult to heal.
“Liang Bo, this thing can’t be forgotten!”
“In my life, Fan Zhongxian, I have never suffered such a big humiliation.”

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