A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1204

“Why is Patriarch Liang so polite now? When Patriarch Liang drove me away in the hotel before, he was not so polite?”
“This…” On the other end of the phone, Liang Haonan suddenly smiled bitterly, and wiped the cold sweat from his forehead, “Mr. Chu, don’t break me anymore.”
“I knew it was wrong.”
“I have eyes but no pearls, I don’t know if it is Mr. Chu coming.”
“I want to know that you are Mr. Chu, then Xishan Yumai, I have offered it with both hands a long time ago, where are the previous misunderstandings.”
“But to be honest, your age, Mr. Chu, really surprised me Xiao Nan.”
That night, after retrieving a life from Ye Fan, Liang Haonan immediately ran home.
He stayed up all night, and the more he thought about it, the more curious about Ye Fan’s identity.
Early the next morning, he personally went to Li’s house and found Li Xueqi to ask about it.
After learning that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu, the lord of Jiangdong, Liang Haonan was almost scared to death.
At that time, Liang Hao Nanfang realized what kind of person he had offended before.
God, he almost broke the sky.
Originally, Ye Fan asked him to buy his life for 50 million, Liang Haonan was still a little unhappy, and he was planning to find a way to go back on the bill.
But after learning Ye Fan’s true identity, Liang Haonan’s crooked thoughts disappeared immediately.
Offended Mr. Chu, don’t say 50 million, even if he is asked to take 500 million, Liang Haonan dare not say anything.
After all, Mr. Chu’s name is the best in Jiangdong.
A word of him can influence the life and death of the Liang family.
Liang Haonan naturally tried his best to make up for this kind of emperor.
Therefore, after returning from Li’s house, Liang Haonan immediately withdrew 50 million cash from the bank and was about to contact Ye Fan to send it to him.
But for two days, Ye Fan did not answer his call.
At first Liang Haonan was desperate, thinking that Ye Fan would not forgive him.
Fortunately, the call finally got through.
Now, in front of Mr. Jiang Dongchu, Liang Haonan is naturally respectful and humble, even directly calling himself “Xiao Nan”.
“Okay, you don’t need to talk about these nonsense.”
“What is it for me?”
“Could it be that the fifty million that I asked you to pay is ready?” Ye Fan asked lightly.
Liang Haonan replied respectfully: “Mr. Chu, everything is ready for you.”
“When Mr. Chu comes to Liang’s house tonight, I, Liang Haonan, will deliver it personally.”
“At the same time, I also brought everyone from the Liang family to a banquet at home and apologized to Mr. Chu.”
“I just hope that Mr. Chu will definitely be here tonight!”
Liang Haonan said expectantly.
Ye Fan pondered for a moment, and then agreed.
Anyway, in the few days before New Year’s Day, Ye Fan was fine.
After a few days of free time, Ye Fan simply accepted Liang Haonan’s invitation.
“Mr. Xie Chu appreciates the light.”
“At that time, our Liang family will welcome each other by sweeping the couch!”
Liang Haonan was very excited.
In the past few days, the stone that had been suppressed in my heart also fell to the ground.
After all, in Liang Haonan’s view, Ye Fan’s promise to go to the banquet undoubtedly represented his acceptance of Liang Haonan’s apology.
This is naturally a great joy.
Afterwards, Liang Haonan began to prepare.
But Ye Fan returned to the villa in the eastern suburbs.
There is no one at home, and Qiu Mucheng works during the day, so naturally she will not be at home.
Ye Fan opened the WeChat account and wanted to ask Qiu Mucheng if he wanted to go to the Liang’s house to have a dinner with him at night, but after thinking about it, he typed it, and finally deleted it.
Ye Fan felt that if he sent it, Qiu Mucheng wouldn’t believe it either.
In her eyes, she was born poor, mediocre and incompetent, just a poor boy in the country.
How can you be qualified to be invited by the Liang family?
Thinking of this, Ye Fan couldn’t help laughing at himself.

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