A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1205

One day passed quickly.
Seeing that it was evening, the sunset was west.
The fiery red Yaoyang dyed half of the sky in Yunzhou.
At this time, Ye Fan was drinking tea quietly in the Ji’s teahouse.
This Ji’s teahouse is near the Dongjiao villa where Ye Fan lives. It has an antique style. The guests in twos and threes are sitting around, drinking tea and chatting about life.
The environment in this teahouse is extremely quiet.
Ye Fan often comes here for tea on weekdays.
A person sitting outside the window, looking quietly at Yunzhou City outside through the bamboo window exuding the fragrance of wood.
The whole person’s mood is also exceptionally calm.
The phone rang suddenly, and it was the head of the Liang family, Liang Haonan, who called.
“Mr. Chu, the family banquet is ready.”
“Just wait for Mr. Chu to come.”
“I don’t know where Mr. is now, so I can send a car to pick you up?”
On the phone, Liang Haonan’s respectful voice came. In the humble words, there is the color of respect.
Ye Fan nodded, and then said: “Come and wait for me outside Ji’s Teahouse in Dongcheng District.”
“Good.” Liang Haonan immediately agreed.
And Ye Fan continued to sit quietly in the teahouse, drinking tea comfortably.
However, the calm here did not last long.
A cold voice came out quietly from outside the door.
“Block the door for me, no one can let go!”
After that, everyone only heard a bang, and the door of the restaurant was kicked open immediately.
More than two dozen burly men in suits swept through with clubs in their hands like tide.
“You…what are you doing?”
“You… don’t mess around~”
With the appearance of these people, the peace in the teahouse was broken.
Was still in the teahouse before
All the tea drinkers turned pale, looking forward with trepidation.
Even many people were so scared that they retreated to the corner and avoided them far.
“This is… what’s wrong?”
“Could it be that some of us have offended a big man and failed?”
In the teahouse, all the guests were confused and speculated in panic.
Soon, the crowd dispersed, and the big men in suits separated left and right, and immediately gave way.
Immediately afterwards, everyone saw that two handsome young men, sitting in wheelchairs, were slowly pushed in.
“This…this is, Master Fan?”
“The eldest son of the Fan family in Xicheng?”
“One of the founders of Xuanshiquanmen?”
“I go!”
“Another one?”
“Could it be, another founder of Xuanshiquanmen!”
“Liang Bo, the young head of the UBM Group, has a family background that is even better than that of the Fan family!”
“Both of them are the land of the rich, the descendants of the powerful.”
“Why is this all disabled? Still in a wheelchair?”
Fan Zhongxian and Liang Bo are obviously well known around here.
Think about it, Fan Zhongxian has always been high-profile, and the dazzling boxing gate is open here again. It is difficult for the citizens here to know them or not.
On weekdays, seeing these second generation ancestors, everyone knows they can’t afford to provoke them, and most of them avoid them from a distance.
But now seeing these two rich second-generations, Qi Qi got on a wheelchair, everyone had to tremble.
“Two… Two young masters, let’s drink tea and drink tea, no… there is no need for such a big battle.”
“My little heart, I can’t bear this fright.”
The teahouse owner bit his head and walked up, talking to Fan Zhongxian in fear.
“Go away, it’s none of your business!”
However, before Fan Zhongxian and the others could speak, Xia Yue immediately cursed coldly.
Later, Xia Yue looked around the entire teahouse and shouted angrily: “Ye Fan, I know you are here.”
“If you know, get out!”

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