A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1208

Ye Fan’s words, only if thunder and explosion.
The proud voice trembled this world.
The owner of the restaurant and the others were almost shaking mad when they heard it.
“Hungry to mow the grass!”
“This poor boy was kicked by a donkey, right?”
“At this time, dare to speak such a big talk?”
“It’s arrogant!”
Everyone scorned and cursed.
Looking at Ye Fan’s gaze, he only looked at the brain damage.
Those who know the current affairs are handsome.
In this situation, the wisest move is to bow your head and apologize for mercy.
Otherwise, not only face, but also life will be lost.
However, the young man in front of him has no background, but his heart is higher than the sky.
The cowhide blows loudly!
Sure enough, after hearing Ye Fan’s words, no matter it was Fan Zhongxian or Liang Bo, the eyes of both of them became cold, and the cold was raging in their eyebrows!
“Ye Fan, why are you doing this?”
“At this time, angering them, didn’t you ask for hardship?” Xia Xue was angry and worried, looking at Ye Fan’s beautiful eyes, full of anger.
But Xia Yue couldn’t help it anymore, and said angrily: “Hunboy, when do I think you can be tough?”
“Brother Xiaoxian, Brother Liang Liang, don’t waste time, just give the order and kill this bastard!”
Fan Zhongxian also nodded and looked at Liang Bo who was aside: “Liang Bo, I think he can be declared to death!”
“Okay!” Liang Bo didn’t say anything, but replied coldly, a good word.
Then, he looked at Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, I gave you a chance, but you didn’t cherish it.”
“In that case, no wonder Ben Shao is ruthless!”
When the words fell, Liang Bo raised his arm and swiped at the void.
Like the sickle of the god of death, suddenly under his command!
“This is for~” Xia Yue sneered.
“The farce should also be over.” Fan Zhongxian’s face was gloomy and smiled wanton.
However, just when Fan Zhongxian and others were looking forward to seeing Ye Fan’s desperate expression.
I don’t know whose cell phone is, it rang at this time.
“Whose phone?”
“Closed for Lao Tzu!” Fan Zhongxian was a little angry and cursed angrily.
Everyone looked at each other and lowered their heads to confirm whether it was their own mobile phone.
“That, sorry, I will answer the phone first.”
Ye Fan’s voice sounded quietly.
After that, regardless of whether Fan Zhongxian and Liang Bo agreed with them, Ye Fan actually took it on his own.
At this juncture, Ye Fan still has the heart to answer the phone?
This is Ye Fan’s stark contempt for them!
Fan Zhongxian was almost to death.
Ye Fan didn’t pay any attention to them, talking on the phone very calmly.
“Mr. Chu, I’m already at the door of the teahouse.”
“Where are you?”
“Why didn’t I see you?”
Outside the teahouse, a BMW 5 Series parked on the side of the road.
Liang Haonan asked in confusion while on the phone.
“Oh, has Patriarch Liang arrived?”
“I’m in the teahouse. I’m having some trouble. Someone surrounded me, I’m afraid it will take some time.”
“You wait there first, after three to five minutes, I can go out.”
Liang Haonan was so shocked that his eyes almost jumped out, and his whole body was shocked.
“Mr. Chu, you said someone surrounded you?”
“Who is so brave enough to offend you?”

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