A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1213

The night is as cool as water.
Ye Fan stood by the Yunwu Lake for a long time.
In front of him, smoke waves are vast. On the distant Yunwu Lake, the bright moonlight is reflected, and the waves are shining.
Looking at the water of Pinghu in front of him, Ye Fan’s mood was hard to calm for a long time.
In the Ji family teahouse just now, Liang Haonan’s behavior undoubtedly deeply moved Ye Fan.
Back then, if his father could have the affection of Liang Haonan, he and his mother would not be so humiliated.
Thinking of this, Ye Fan shook his head and laughed at himself.
It has been ten years, and now it is useless to think about this.
That frail young man has grown up.
He can support the world by himself, and he doesn’t need anyone to protect him!
Moreover, Ye Fan will soon get back what the Chu family owed their mother and son.
In the dead of night, Ye Fan stood by the Yunwu Lake for a long time.
It wasn’t until a telephone rang that Ye Fan was awakened from the loss of consciousness.
Ye Fan looked at the phone, and it turned out to be Su Yuanshan, Su Qian’s father.
“What will happen if you call at this time?”
Ye Fan had a good impression of Su Yuanshan.
They are one of the few people who don’t despise themselves because of their background.
Therefore, after seeing the call, Ye Fan quickly answered the phone.
“Ye Fan, where are you?”
“Tell me quickly, I will pick you up now.”
On the phone, Su Yuanshan’s anxious voice came.
Ye Fan was slightly surprised: “Uncle Su, what’s wrong?”
“I’ll talk about it when you meet, tell me where you are first?” Su Yuanshan asked again.
Ye Fan had no choice but to tell Su Yuanshan where he was.
Ten minutes later, an Audi A8 drove over and stopped in front of Ye Fan.
“Ye Fan, get in the car and follow me to Su’s house.”
“Details, let’s talk about it on the road.” Su Yuanshan seemed to be in a hurry, and he didn’t even get off the car. After seeing Ye Fan, after rolling down the window, he urged Ye Fan to get in the car.
When Ye Fan saw this, he thought to himself that something happened to the Su family, otherwise Su Yuanshan would definitely not be so impatient.
Therefore, Ye Fan nodded without asking much, and then got into the car with Su Yuanshan.
“Uncle Su, what is going on?”
“Do you need my help?” Ye Fan asked solemnly with eyes full of dignity on the way.
Su Yuanshan nodded: “I really need your help.”
“This is a major event that affects the future survival of my Su family, Ye Fan, you must not refuse!”
Survival in the future?
Ye Fan was stunned, he did not expect that the matter would be so serious.
However, after a while, Ye Fan’s old face turned green.
“You let me be your son-in-law at your Su family dinner tonight?”
“No, no, how can this be.”
After hearing Su Yuanshan’s intention, Ye Fan was shocked and shook his head repeatedly and said no.
Su Yuanshan stared, “No way?”
“How can a man say no?”
“Furthermore, Ye Fan, can’t I beg you as an uncle?”
“Just be it for one night, just fool the old lady and the others. It’s not for you and my daughter to conquer.”
“However, even if you round the house, you, a big man, won’t suffer.” Su Yuanshan repeatedly persuaded.
Ye Fan still shook his head: “It still doesn’t work, it’s easy to misunderstand. What’s more, even if I agree, your daughter Susie will not agree with it.”
“He dare!” Su Yuanshan stared and shouted, “Ye Fan, you don’t have to worry about Cici, I can do it. Believe me, she will cooperate with you.”

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