A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1214

“After all, not only I don’t like Ma Mingbo from the Ma family, but Cici also doesn’t like it. If she doesn’t cooperate with you tonight, the old lady will marry her to Ma Mingbo.” Su Yuanshan said with confidence.
Ye Fan suddenly smiled bitterly: “Uncle Su, didn’t you just say that Ma Mingbo was born in a wealthy family, and the Ma family is even more of a big family in Nanquan City, and the overall strength is stronger than your Su family. It stands to reason that this woman is married to a high level, you It’s right to be a dad, so why is it so silly?”
After listening to Su Yuanshan’s talk just now, Ye Fan basically understood it.
It turned out that Ma Mingbo, the eldest young master of the Ma family in Nanquan, brought a heavy gift to the Su family. Seeing the posture, he was planning to propose marriage to the Su family and wanted to marry Susie.
The Ma family is a wealthy family in Nanquan City. In this marriage, everyone in the Su family basically agrees. Even Su Yuanshan’s mother and the old lady of the Su family are extremely happy with Ma Mingbo.
But Su Yuanshan did not know why, but he was extremely disgusted with Ma Mingbo and was unwilling to agree.
But if there is no valid reason, it is not easy to disobey the old lady.
They had no choice but to make Ye Fan pretend to be Susie’s boyfriend, so that Ma Mingbo gave up.
“Hey, Ye Fan, you don’t understand.” Facing Ye Fanzhi’s question, Su Yuanshan shook his head.
Then, he continued: “My daughter, I know best. I am aloof and can’t bear a little grievance. For people like her, if you want a happy marriage, you can only marry, not high. Otherwise, you will be affected by the skin of your in-laws.”
Ye Fan listened, but the corners of his eyes twitched without a trace.
Dare to let Susie and herself marry.
Ye Fan finally understands why Su Yuanshan has tried so hard to match him with Susie.
“Of course, this is just one.”
“The second is the business of the Ma family, which overlaps with my Su family on a large level.”
“Before, the owner of the Ma family has repeatedly expressed the intention to merge my Su family’s industry and make my Yuanshan Group a subsidiary of the Ma family.”
“The old ladies think this is a good thing, and it’s a good place to enjoy the shade under the big tree. The Ma family is stronger than the Su family, and they think that after being merged into the Ma family, our Yuanshan Group can develop better.
“But how do they know that once the merger, the Ma family will definitely find a way to deprive my Su family of control of the Yuanshan Group. At that time, my Su family will be in the hands of others.”
“This is the most unacceptable place for me!”
“Now that the Ma family wants to marry my Su family again, I have to suspect that they are paving the way for the future annexation of the Yuanshan Group.”
“So Ye Fan, tonight, you have to help me!”
“I beg you as uncle.”
Su Yuanshan almost begged and looked at Ye Fan.
Seeing this, Ye Fan couldn’t help but sighed, nodding in response.
“But I’ve said it, it’s purely acting, not serious.”
“And, just tonight, after the dinner, I am not your son-in-law, nor your daughter’s boyfriend.”
Ye Fan declared again.
When Su Yuanshan listened, he was angry and laughed.
“You guy, you really got a bargain.”
“I don’t know, I thought my daughter would not be able to marry without you.”
“I listen to you!”
Su Yuanshan shook his head and smiled.
I undoubtedly liked Ye Fan even more.
I just feel that the man in front of me is very different from others.

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