A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1215

If someone else, like Ye Fan’s family background, could marry his own daughter, he would have been crazy for a long time.
But Ye Fan was good. The dad he himself almost posted his daughter upside down, but he was still not accepting it.
However, Su Yuanshan was not in a hurry.
Let’s pass this level tonight first.
For a long time, this kind of thing has to be taken slowly step by step.
And when Ye Fan followed Su Yuanshan to Su’s house, Susie was naturally already on the way.
The old lady of the Su family called Susie at noon and told her that she must rush home for dinner in the evening.
“Mucheng, why do you think my grandma is looking for me in such a hurry?”
“Will it be a Hongmen Banquet tonight?”
Susie’s grandmother has great dignity in Su’s house. In some things, Susie really dare not disobey the old lady.
At this time, Susie was driving the car while talking on the phone with Qiu Mucheng through the Bluetooth headset.
“By the way, Mucheng, did that bastard contact you?”
“Don’t worry too much, you can’t be angry about this kind of thing.”
“You don’t want tea or food, maybe someone is drinking and talking with a country girl who comes to work in the city?”
“Mucheng, I’m kidding, don’t take it to your heart.”
“Stop talking, I’m home here.”
“Hang up~”
Soon after Susie hung up, the vehicle drove over and stopped in front of a villa.
And almost at the same time, Su Yuanshan’s car also arrived.
“Dad, you just came here too?”
Seeing her father, Susie greeted her immediately.
However, before Susie took a few steps, when he saw the figure behind Su Yuanshan, her beautiful eyes suddenly widened.
“Ye Fan?”
“Damn, why are you here?”
“You won’t. In the past few days, afraid of Fan Zhongxian’s revenge, have been hiding with my dad, right?”
“I’m going, are you a man you?”
“Afraid of revenge, I hide far away and leave a woman at home.”
Seeing Ye Fan, Susie asked unexpectedly as if she saw a ghost.
“What do you say, girl?”
“What you rely on, I rely on, there is no girl’s reservedness, no wonder Ye Fan doesn’t want you.”
Hearing his daughter’s words, Su Yuanshan suddenly became angry and stared.
“Just him, don’t you want me?”
“This lady still looks down on him.”
“Let him go!”
Susie said angrily.
He didn’t expect that Ye Fan, a poor boy in the country, would dare to dislike her?
This undoubtedly made Susie almost furious.
“He can’t go.”
“Tonight, he will eat with us.” Su Yuanshan said lightly.
“Dad, are you going to put him on the table tonight?” Susie’s beautiful eyes suddenly became bigger, and then she refused.
“Dad, grandma said, tonight is our Su family banquet, Ye Fan is an outsider, why does he attend our Su family banquet?”
“Just because he is my son-in-law of Su Yuanshan, your future husband whom I believe!”
“With this identity, he is eligible to participate in the Su Family Banquet tonight!”
Su Yuanshan was obviously angry and shouted in a deep voice.
The majesty of the words is beyond doubt.
Susie was undoubtedly more surprised when she heard this.
A pair of small cherry mouths opened almost enough to fill an apple.
“Ye… Ye Fan?”
“You…your son-in-law?I…my husband?”
Susie was suddenly stunned.
I just think this world is crazy.
Own daddy, stalker, let the man of his girlfriend be her husband.
If Qiu Mucheng knew about this, what would Mucheng think of her?

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