A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1217

“Mom, sorry, we are late.”
“Has Mingbo arrived?”
“It just so happens that I will introduce you to you while everyone is here.”
“This is my daughter, Cici.”
“Mingbo, you should have met several years ago, do you know each other?”
While speaking, Susie stepped forward, nodded to Ma Mingbo, and smiled politely.
“Well, Uncle Su, I know sister Cici.”
“I haven’t seen you in a few years, and sister Cici really has come out more beautifully.” Ma Mingbo quickly got up and said with a smile.
“Don’t stand up anymore.”
“Quickly, get seated soon.”
“Yuanshan, sit next to me. Cici, sit next to your brother Mingbo.”
“You brother and sister have not seen each other for many years, so I will talk about the past tonight.”
Seeing that Susie and his daughter had arrived, the old lady immediately arranged to take a seat.
“Grandma, this seat is dirty.” At this time, a junior from the Su family reminded him.
The old lady waved his hand: “It’s okay, I’ll let the next one change.”
“What are you doing, why don’t you go outside and move a seat?”
“New here, why don’t you wink?”
At this time, the old lady said displeased to Ye Fan beside Su Yuanshan.
Ye Fan frowned and said nothing.
Su Yuanshan jumped around the corner of his eyes and explained: “Mom, this is your future grandson-in-law. You have a better attitude towards others. Be careful that they will not honor you in the future.”
“Just him?”
“My grandson-in-law?” The old lady was stunned.
The others were also surprised.
Especially Ma Mingbo, curiously asked Susie on the side: “Sister Sissy, which is your sister’s fiancĂ©? Isn’t this person looking for someone too hasty?”
The old lady was also puzzled: “Could it be Beibei Nanzi, don’t you want to study hard and fall in love with me behind your back?”
Su Yuanshan shook his head: “Mom, it’s not Beibei, but the boyfriend of your granddaughter Cici.”
“Didn’t I tell you before that there is a young man named Ye Fan who is very promising and is very suitable for Cici.”
“He is Ye Fan.”
“Ye Fan, hurry up, call grandma.”
Su Yuanshan smiled again and again.
But after his words fell, the whole house was undoubtedly stunned.
Especially Ma Mingbo, his face became ugly in an instant.
The old prince’s face also changed slightly.
After all, the Su family knew that the family banquet tonight was set by the old lady in order to match Ma Mingbo and Susie.
But now, halfway through Cheng Yaojin?
“I’m afraid, there is a good show to watch.” Some Su family members whispered in their hearts at the wine table, thinking secretly.
But there are some things, even if everyone knows it well, they still don’t talk about it.
Therefore, most of the people at the dinner table still sullen their heads to eat without saying a word.
But the old lady obviously couldn’t sit still, with a gloomy old face: “Yuan Shan, what’s the matter with you, you brought him here without telling me?”
“The threshold of my Su family is not something anyone can step in. Before coming, at least you have to say hello to me and let me see if he is eligible to eat at the same table with my Su family?”
There was a faint anger in the words of the old lady.
She just gave Ma Mingbo a boast about going to the sea, and it turned out to be like this. This is undoubtedly hitting her old lady in the face, it is strange that Old Lady Su can be happy.
“Grandma, I brought Brother Xiaofan.”
“Don’t you keep urging me to find you a grandson-in-law?”

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