A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1227

Wang Lili didn’t look down on Ye Fan.
In Wang Lili’s eyes, Ye Fan was already an extraordinary figure at such an age that he could easily spend hundreds of millions to buy the entire car dealership.
However, even so, Wang Lili was still worried that they were not qualified to enter the Yunding Mountain Villa.
After all, it was rumored that it was the residence of a big figure whom Yunzhou’s Li Erye respected extremely.
From Wang Lili’s point of view, even if Ye Fan is more powerful, he might not be better than the second master Li of Yunzhou.
What’s more, what they are going to now is the residence of someone more powerful than Li Erye.
How can Wang Lili not panic or worry?
However, facing Wang Lili’s words, Ye Fan sneered.
“So what?”
“Others can’t go, I can go!”
“Don’t say Yunzhou, even in the entire China, there is still no place, I am Chu Tianfan, can’t go there?”
Ye Fan’s words echoed.
Inside the car, Ye Fan was full of anger!
Those majestic and domineering words made Wang Lili’s ears only feel deaf.
After that, Wang Lili naturally did not dare to say anything, so she carried Ye Fan to the top of Yunzhou, where the Yunding Mountain Villa was located!
It has been so long since buying the Villa at Yunding Mountain, Ye Fan hasn’t even gone in to see it.
Ma Mingbo’s words at the Su family dinner reminded Ye Fan.
It’s also time to take a look at the newly bought villa.
According to Ye Fan’s plan, after New Year’s Day, he will officially move into the Yunding Mountain Villa.
Before that, Ye Fan naturally had to take a look in advance. Look at this villa, is it worth 50 billion?
The wind was freezing and the luxury car galloped.
Maybach’s low roar cut through the sky, but on the streets of Yunzhou, he rode Juechen away quickly!
the other side.
The number of luxury cars that drove out of Su’s house had already reached the bottom of Yunding Mountain.
Although it was night at this time, the surrounding area of Yunding Mountain was brightly lit.
Various landscape lights are dotted on both sides of the road.
It is obviously not New Year’s Day, but it is decorated like a holiday.
“It’s a high-end villa area.”
“On this journey, we have passed three levels.”
“The security measures are so complete, it’s amazing.”
“The surrounding area of Yunding Mountain is probably the safest area in Yunzhou, right?”
After the vehicle stopped, Su Yuanshan and others from the Su family also got out of the vehicle.
Thinking back this way, many people can’t help but sigh with emotion.
“Yeah, if it weren’t for Mingbo to lead the way, I guess we wouldn’t be able to get in here in our lifetime?”
The Su family sighed again and again, and praised Ma Mingbo even more.
“Still leaning on Yunwu Lake.”
“Looking over from here, you can have a panoramic view of the entire Yunwu Lake.”
“So pretty~”
At this time, I haven’t entered the villa, but standing outside, I can see the boundless scenery of Yunwu Lake, which is beautiful.
The breeze is breezy, and the surface of the misty lake is shining.
Seeing the moonlight reflected in the lake, some junior members of the Su family have already called out, full of joy.
“Grandma, isn’t the view pretty good?” Ma Mingbo walked over and asked with a smile at Old Madam Su.
Mr. Su is naturally full of praise.
“Backed by Yunding Mountain, the highest point in Yunzhou, it is next to Yunwu Lake, the largest lake in Yunzhou.”
“The beauty is beyond the hills and rivers.”
“Mingbo, your five hundred million is worth spending!”
“It’s almost like a paradise?”
“Moreover, the location of your villa is the best location in the entire Wangyun Villa.”
“It is estimated that in terms of residence, in the entire Yunzhou, no one can compare with you, right?”
“I just don’t know, which lucky girl will be in the future, who will be lucky enough to marry Mingbo, and be the master here, sitting on this boundless scene.”
“At that time, the hostess of this villa will not be the queen of Yunzhou?”

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