A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1229

“Mingbo, did you invite a guest?”
Seeing the Maybach driving towards this place, Mrs. Su also frowned, suddenly wondering.
The villa that Ma Mingbo bought is almost the closest villa of Wangyun Villa to Yunding Mountain Scenic Area.
Further up, is the area where Yundingshan Villa is located.
In addition, there is a metal gate in front, which isolates the road from Wangyun Villa to Yunding Mountain Villa.
In other words, it is no longer open to traffic.
Therefore, Mr. Su naturally thought that this car was coming for Ma Mingbo’s home.
However, Ma Mingbo shook his head: “I don’t remember I invited other guests?”
“Unless, someone knew that I was in Yunzhou and took the initiative to visit.”
Ma Mingbo whispered.
Now, it seems that only a reason can explain the scene before him.
“Well, that’s probably it.”
“Since someone is here to visit you, then you can go over and meet you.”
“Others can value us, we can’t neglect others.”
Hearing Ma Mingbo’s words, Old Lady Su nodded with approval, then smiled and persuaded.
After that, Ma Mingbo really greeted him.
The Su family followed Ma Mingbo and they also wanted to see, who is the master of Maybach in front of him?
“The junior is Ma Mingbo from Nanquan Ma’s family. I don’t know which friend it is. Come to visit.”
“Please also inform me of your identity name. My Ma Mingbo will visit me in the future.”
The speed of the car had slowed down, Ma Mingbo smiled proudly, stepped forward, stood by the side of the road and said loudly.
The color of pride and pride between the eyebrows is very vivid.
After all, when he first came to Yunzhou, he would come to visit the rich and powerful.
From the side, this is enough to highlight the power and prestige of their Ma family.
Right now, it happened that Ma Mingbo made a small show in front of the Su family.
Ma Mingbo was still talking proudly, but the Maybach didn’t stop, just whizzing past.
The wheel was pressing on a puddle, and the splashing mud water collapsed Ma Mingbo.
Even the old lady Su Jiasu who came up to meet the distinguished guests with Ma Mingbo was splashed with muddy face.
“who is it?”
“Which bastard thing is so unqualified?”
The pretense failed, but was splashed with mud.
Ma Mingbo’s original smile dissipated in an instant, and then his old face went dark.
He thought that the owner of this car was here to visit him.
Unexpectedly, after seeing him, the other party ignored him and drove over.
As if being slapped on the face by someone, Ma Mingbo only felt ashamed. His old face was hot and painful, and his heart felt as uncomfortable as if he had eaten a fly.
Finally, I can only use anger to cover up the embarrassment in my heart.
However, with so many people present, I am afraid that Ma Mingbo himself will scream out.
Everyone in the Su family, even if they were splashed with muddy water, did not dare to say a word, and they all hid their depression in their hearts.
Lao Taijun Su also flushed with old face, and was angry but could not speak.
After all, you can drive a car here. The people in this car must be more powerful than their Su family.
This kind of force, Ma Mingbo relied on the Ma family, and could not be afraid.
But the Su family had to shrink from fear.

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