A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1232

Ma Mingbo also rolled his eyes, looking at Ye Fan as if he was brain-dead.
This guy is nothing more than talking nonsense, now he doesn’t even want his life.
It’s just looking for death!
“Don’t bother about this idiot, let’s get in now.”
“Otherwise, he will be dragged down by him.”
The Su family was a little worried, and after a few curses, they were ready to enter Ma Mingbo’s villa.
But Susie still stood there, looking at Ye Fan, with an unknown anger burning in her heart.
“Cici, come in quickly?”
“What are you doing?” Su family urged.
Susie remained silent and turned a deaf ear.
Finally, she couldn’t help it, and shouted at Ye Fan.
“Ye Fan, are you making enough trouble?”
“Do you still think the trouble is not big enough?”
“You offend the Li family, offend the Fan family, offend the dignitaries of the Xuanshiquan family, are you not enough?”
“Now you don’t know how to offend Mr. Chu?”
“Could it be that you have to stab the sky and kill Mucheng, so you are reconciled?”
Susie’s brows were flushed and she roared angrily.
She was really angry, angry for her best friend Mucheng.
Before, Ye Fan had caused a lot of troubles and offended several forces. For this reason, Qiu Mucheng had a big fight with Ye Fan.
However, Susie didn’t expect Ye Fan to learn nothing.
Nowadays, he is still alive and dead, even Mr. Chu dares to offend.
“I really am Mucheng, I feel worthless!”
Susie looked at Ye Fan with red eyes, shouting angrily.
However, facing Susie’s roar, Ye Fan did not answer.
He was expressionless, just glanced at her coldly, then turned his head and walked towards the closed iron door in front.
“I go!”
“Is this idiot not giving up?”
“What does he want to do?”
“Does he really want to break through Yunding Mountain?”
“What an idiot.”
“Total madman!”
Seeing Ye Fan walking in the direction of Yunding Mountain, the Su family thought that Ye Fan was going to climb over this iron gate and forcibly enter Yunding Mountain.
Suddenly, his face paled with fright, and everyone scolded in fear and anger.
At this time, the personnel staying at Yunding Mountain had obviously noticed the movement here, and someone had already walked here.
“Ye Fan, are you crazy?”
“You don’t come back soon!”
“Mr. Chu, you really can’t afford it?”
Seeing that someone had come in front of her, Susie didn’t care to be angry with Ye Fan, and hurriedly shouted.
Anxiously, even going to pull him.
“Cici, leave him alone~”
“Let him go!”
“It’s he who lives and lives, no wonder others?” Ma Mingbo grabbed Susie, not letting her pass.
Old Madam Su also stared at Susie displeasedly: “Cici, are you talking about grandma’s words?”
“I’ll say it one last time. From now on, you will be absolutely gracious to him!”
“His life and death have nothing to do with you!”
“Mingbo, bring her here.”
The old lady said coldly, and then asked Ma Mingbo to pull Susie over.
At this time, the people on Yunding Mountain had arrived, they opened the locked iron door and walked out.
“Mr. Chu’s people are out!”
“The hillbilly is dead~”
The Su family sneered, smirking and watching a good show.
However, just when the Su family thought these people would teach Ye Fan severely.
Who would have thought that in the next moment, those who walked down from the mountain, under the leadership of the leader, bowed to Ye Fan and bowed to Ye Fan: “Jinbao has been waiting here for a long time, please sir, go up the mountain!”
“Please sir, go up the mountain!”
“Please sir, go up the mountain!”

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