A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1234

However, before Ma Mingbo finished speaking, the security had already kicked over.
With a bang, Ma Mingbo kicked directly down the slope.
Ma Mingbo let out a scream and groaned on the ground.
After the security guard of Yunding Mountain locked the iron gate, he cursed contemptuously, and then left.
Looking at the scene before them, the Su family is undoubtedly more panic.
Old Madam Su’s old face was equally ugly, with no blood to speak of.
There was also a touch of panic in his heart, gradually sweeping over him.
This is Yunding Mountain Villa.
The highest point of the entire Yunzhou.
Even Ma Mingbo is not eligible to enter now.
But Ye Fan walked in openly.
Mr. Su almost couldn’t imagine how powerful his background was.
Moreover, if it is as their Su family guessed, he is Mr. Chu’s words, not to mention the life of her old lady Su, it is their Su family, I am afraid it will also be overthrown!
She turned her head, and the words tremblingly asked Susie: “Qian…Qianqian, you speak, you quickly say, what is the origin of this Ye Fan?”
“Is he really, can’t the hidden real dragon be successful?”
With so many people present, the only one who knew a lot about Ye Fan was probably Susie.
Susie was actually a little dazed in the face of everyone’s panic.
“I… I don’t know.”
“However, Ye Fan is indeed a countryman, and it should not be Mr. Chu.”
“As for how he got up, I really don’t know.”
“It’s estimated that it was because of the Shen family’s light.”
Susie didn’t tell Mr. Su and the others that Ye Fan was actually a door-to-door son-in-law, but simply said her guess.
She certainly didn’t think Ye Fan was Mr. Chu.
How could Mr. Chu be a wasteful son-in-law?
But Susie had to admit that she really couldn’t see through Ye Fan.
Before Qiu Mucheng’s birthday, Ye Fan let flowers float all over the city.
Now, Ye Fan, a poor boy in the countryside, has stepped into the Villa at Yunding Mountain?
The only explanation now is to rely on Shen Fei’s relationship.
“Shen family?”
“What is the Shen family?”
“Could it be the Shen family headed by Shen Jiuyi, the richest man in Yunzhou now?” The Su family asked in surprise.
Since Xu Lei left, Shen Jiuyi naturally took advantage of the trend and became the richest man in Yunzhou.
Susie nodded, and then briefly talked about the relationship between Ye Fan and Shen Fei.
Hearing this, Su Lao Taijun and the others were relieved.
“It turned out to be the light of Young Master Shen.”
“Fortunately, I thought that Ye Fan really is such a big man?”
“However, no matter how powerful the young master of the Shen family is, that is also their ability.”
“Parasites like these that rely solely on the favor of others are still not worth entrusting!”
“Cici, you still have to keep contact with her in the future.”
After clarifying the situation, the worries in the hearts of the Su family disappeared.
But Su Yuanshan’s brows did not stretch out.
He raised his head and looked at the top of Yunding Mountain, his heart secretly worried.
“Really because of the relationship between the Shen family?”

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