A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1242

“Yunyang Mountain Hot Spring Festival?”
“Brother Xiaofan, why not go!”
“It’s hard to get tickets for the hot spring festival.”
“Even my father, if he wants to get tickets, he has to work hard. And the number is very limited.”
“Last time I wanted to go, my dad didn’t let me go. Give my grandparents the place.”
“It is said that it is fairy spring water. One day of soaking can give you an extra year.”
“Before, my grandpa was old and physically weak. Since running through the hot spring, his body bones have obviously improved a lot.”
Chen Nan said excitedly when he heard the Yunyang Mountain Hot Spring Festival.
As Chen Ao’s woman, she has naturally heard of the extraordinary nature of this hot spring festival.
However, the number of places for the hot spring festival is limited after all. Even if Chen Nan gets one or two tickets, most of them are given to the elderly at home, so Chen Nan has never been able to make it.
Ye Fan smiled lightly: “Really, in that case, I will give you this ticket.”
Originally, Ye Fan wanted to go with Qiu Mucheng, but now it seems that it is no longer needed.
Instead of wasting it, it was simply given to Chen Nan.
But how embarrassed Chen Nan to accept it, repeatedly declined.
“Brother Xiaofan, it’s not interesting for me to go by myself.”
“You should go with Sister Qiu.”
“It’s a rare opportunity. If you miss this time, you have to wait three years.” Chen Nan couldn’t help but persuade.
While talking, there was another car sound outside the door.
It was Shen Fei who came here.
He made an appointment yesterday to go to the hot spring festival with Ye Fan, and he came here naturally. As for Ye Fan’s residence, Shen Fei also asked yesterday.
“Miss Chen Nan?”
“Why are you here?”
“Could it be that Ao Ye has arrived in Yunzhou?”
Seeing Chen Nan, Shen Fei immediately shuddered.
If Chen Ao had arrived in Yunzhou, that would be a big deal.
Shouldn’t his father go to visit?
Chen Nan immediately explained that she had arrived early, and her father was afraid that she would not arrive until New Year’s Day.
Shen Fei nodded then.
“Okay, Brother Xiao Fan, please contact Sister Qiu quickly, and then go to the hot spring with Master Shen Fei.”
“What about you? Miss Chen, are you going with us too?” Shen Fei suddenly asked expectantly.
If one more beauty could go with him, Shen Fei naturally couldn’t ask for it.
Chen Nan shook his head, “I don’t have a ticket. I’m afraid I won’t be able to go. But you don’t have to worry about me. The big deal is that I will find a hotel to stay in by myself, and wait until Xiaofan’s brother comes back.”
Chen Nan smiled understandingly.
In fact, with the energy of the Chen family, if you want to get a ticket, you can get it.
But time must be too late.
Therefore, Chen Nan is undoubtedly unable to travel with Ye Fan and others.
“Oh, okay.”
Shen Fei was a little lost, and then looked at Ye Fan and urged Ye Fan to contact his sister-in-law.
Ye Fan hesitated for a moment, then picked up the phone and called Qiu Mucheng.
However, after a few beeps, the phone was immediately hung up.
“Brother Fan, what’s wrong?”
“Sister-in-law won’t answer?” Shen Fei asked curiously.
Ye Fan didn’t answer, so he called again.
On the other end of the phone, it was still “the other party did not answer the phone.”
“Brother Fan, let’s call again later.”
“Maybe my sister-in-law is in a meeting.” Shen Fei persuaded.
Ye Fan put down the phone, a bit of displeasure appeared on his face.
“do not fight.”
“She doesn’t want to go.”
“Nan Nan, are you okay?”
“Come with us.” Ye Fan looked at Chen Nan and said in a deep voice.

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