A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1244

Susie smiled triumphantly: “Although I don’t want to marry Ma Mingbo, it’s okay to be friends. It’s normal for friends to exchange politeness. It’s a big deal, I’ll give him a generous gift in the future.”
“Okay, stop talking nonsense, whether you are going or not. I asked for your ticket from Ma Mingbo, so don’t waste it.”
Susie asked again.
But Qiu Mucheng was obviously hesitant.
Leaving Ye Fan alone at home, but going to the hot springs by himself, was a bit unreasonable.
But when he thought of Ye Fan’s irritating words last night, Qiu Mucheng didn’t feel much entanglement.
“go with!”
“Hmph, I don’t just go, I also post to Moments, I am angry with that bastard!”
“Yes, that guy is pissed off. Let that bastard know that if my family Mucheng leaves him, she will have a better life.” Su Qian also said with her teeth and claws.
In their eyes, Ye Fan naturally couldn’t enter this hot spring festival.
You know, this place has always been held by the top dignitaries. Ye Fan, a poor man in the countryside, saw Mu Chengfa’s circle of friends, naturally he was only envious!
In the end, Qiu Mucheng and Susie also got in the car to Yunyang Mountain.
Yunyang Mountain is located in Qiling County.
It is located at the junction of Yunzhou City and Jingzhou City, about an hour and a half drive from downtown Yunzhou.
The reason why Ma Mingbo arrived in Yunzhou ahead of schedule, besides preparing for the day after tomorrow’s Haitian feast, another purpose is to participate in this hot spring festival.
Like Shen Fei, Ma Mingbo had long wanted to go to the Yunyang Mountain Hot Spring Festival.
However, their Ma family level is not enough, they can’t get the admission ticket at all.
Nowadays, there is still the light of the Haitian feast. Those real bigwigs don’t have time to come, and the remaining places will naturally fall on the wealthy children such as Shen Fei and Ma Mingbo.
At this time, a luxury car came slowly. Under the guidance of the staff, he parked in a nearby underground parking lot.
Ye Fan and the others got off the car, and when they looked up, they saw a thick and majestic mountain standing here.
The mountains are majestic and majestic, like a giant standing proudly.
From a distance, Yun Zheng Xiawei is very misty.
“Is this Yunyang Mountain?”
“Sure enough, it looks like a fairyland?” Chen Nan was also here for the first time, her beautiful eyes were suddenly obsessed, and her pretty face was full of splendor.
Shen Fei smiled: “How about it, Yunyang Xianshan?”
“I also heard that this Yunyang Immortal Mountain has a legend.”
“What legend?” Chen Nan asked curiously with a pretty face stretched out.
“According to legend, many years ago, there were couples of gods and goddesses. The males were called “Yunyang” and the females were “Qi Huang”. Especially Qi Huang, who was not only born with stunning beauty, but also had a dragon bone in his body.”
“In that keel, there is infinite power that countless people want to get.”
“On the eve before the wedding of the two, Emperor Qi fell into the hands of the wicked. He was stripped of his skin and bones, and his keel was peeled off.
“After Yunyang learned about it, Thunder was furious, bloodbathing the world.”
“After the revenge was taken, Yunyang buried his deceased wife here and established the “Qi Huang Mausoleum”!”
“The so-called Qiling County is named after the tomb of Emperor Qi.”
As Shen Fei spoke slowly, Chen Nan was so fascinated that her beautiful eyes were a little red.
Obviously was infected by this poignant story.
“Where is that man?”
“Where did you go?” Chen Nan asked.
Shen Fei did not speak, but looked towards Yunyang Immortal Mountain in the distance.
“After that, Yunyang Xianzun will resurrect his beloved wife, so that he can practice with great concentration in this mountain, and finally he will become a fairy!”
“The Yunyang Immortal Mountain in front of you is the place where the Yunyang Immortal Venerable, ascending through the catastrophe.”
The breeze gently lifted the green silk on Chen Nan’s forehead.
Several people did not speak any more, but raised their heads one after another, looking at the majestic mountains ahead.
I don’t know why, after learning this story, Chen Nan and others only felt that Yunyang Mountain in front of them suddenly had a mysterious and ethereal color.
“Brother Xiaofan, do you think there are immortals in this world?”

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