A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1247

Ma Mingbo obviously didn’t know the relationship between Ye Fan and Qiu Mucheng. At this time, after hearing Ye Fan’s words, he obviously thought that Ye Fan couldn’t pursue Susie, and he was entangled in Qiu Mucheng’s face.
But Ma Mingbo also had to admit that this Qiu Mucheng was indeed a rare beauty.
On the way here, Ma Mingbo already had plans to take down the pair of best friends.
At that time, one will be the real card and the other will be the spare tire, and the two big beauties will be taken for themselves. He Ma Mingbo can’t be happy and crazy?
Now seeing Ye Fan pestering Qiu Mucheng again, Ma Mingbo was naturally unhappy and sneered at Ye Fan.
“But Brother Ye, before you covet Cici and Miss Qiu, you have to take a piss and take a picture of yourself and see what your own virtues are.”
“It’s really sad that I didn’t even have a female companion when I came out to play.”
“But think about it, you are a poor dick in the country, who in this world will be willing to come out and play with you?”
“Even if there is, it is probably the kind of ugly force no one wants.”
Ma Mingbo sneered and laughed, his eyes full of pride and pride.
After all, Ye Fan didn’t have a female companion, but he was sitting on two beauties, naturally proud of himself, and only felt that a strong sense of superiority emerged spontaneously.
However, as soon as Ma Mingbo’s words fell, a call of joy came from behind him.
“Brother Xiaofan, come and see, the scenery over there is super beautiful~”
Chen Nan came back after going to the toilet, pulling up Ye Fan and going out.
However, seeing this woman, Ma Mingbo was immediately confused.
An old face twitched in panic, only to feel that someone else slapped his face: “Chen…Miss Chen?”
“Little…Brother Xiaofan?”
Ma Mingbo was dumbfounded.
Of course, Chen Nan and Ma Mingbo know each other.
Before Mr. Chu’s rise, his father, Chen Ao, was the king of Jiangdong. And Chen Nan, as the only daughter of Chen Ao, doesn’t know how many wealthy young men are obsessed with yearning, and look forward to pursuing the Chen family daughter.
Ma Mingbo is no exception.
But unfortunately, he visited several times, and Chen Nan ignored him.
Only then did Ma Mingbo give up, retreat and pursue Susie.
But Ma Mingbo didn’t expect that he couldn’t ask for the daughter of the Chen family at first, but now he is so close to Ye Fan, and he still holds hands?
“How can this be?”
“Miss Chen, how can you defile this hillbilly with your golden body and jade body?”
“Ye Fan, you shameless adulterer, don’t you let go of Miss Chen’s jade hand?”
Ma Mingbo’s eyes were red, and he roared angrily.
“Who are you, dare to talk to my Xiao Fan brother like this?”
Usually, Chen Nan looks like a young girl in front of Ye Fan.
However, at this moment, after seeing his Xiao Fan brother being insulted, he suddenly scolded like a cat with blown up fur.
However, when he heard this, Ma Mingbo felt depressed and almost vomiting blood.
What do you say, I have been pursuing you for a few months, dare you not know yourself anymore?
“Sister Nan, he is Ma Mingbo. The eldest young master of the Nanquan Ma family, how powerful is he?”
“Even you scolded you, saying that there are only ugly monsters, so I came out to play with Brother Fan.” Shen Fei pushed forward with a smile.
But Ma Mingbo’s old face was green, and he was so angry that he couldn’t wait to kick this Shen Fei to death.
“You are Shen Fei, right?”
“The Su family is afraid of you, my Ma family is not afraid.”
“Your Shen family, to put it bluntly, it is a dog raised by Li Erye. And my Nanquan Ma family, but with the same name as the Li family, would you dare to provoke me?” Ma Mingbo cursed with a sullen face.

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