A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1252

But when Shen Fei was depressed, Ma Mingbo, Susie and others were gloating.
“Huh, this Ye Fan thought he would be lawless when he went to the Shen family and Miss Chen family?”
“What is it now, isn’t the hot spring pool going to be the worst?”
“As a human being, you still have to rely on your own real ability.”
“Relying on others is not reliable after all.”
Susie shook her head and said.
These days, Ye Fan is too high-profile, and deliberately annoyed Mucheng.
Seeing Ye Fan deflated now, Susie naturally felt relieved.
“You have to kill him!”
“Otherwise, he doesn’t know what her last name is?” Susie smiled triumphantly, as if she was deliberately mad at Ye Fan, she even glanced at Ye Fan from a distance.
Ma Mingbo smiled and calmed down at this time: “Cici, don’t worry about being happy, it’s exciting, but what’s next?”
Ma Mingbo sneered, but an inexplicable cunning flashed across his eyebrows.
“Wang Lin, Du Xue, Zhao Gang, Pool 28 on the mountainside…”
Xu Changqing is still reading.
Seeing that of the 36 hot spring pools, 35 of them have been recited, but Ye Fan and their names have not yet been recited.
At the end, Shen Fei gave a wry smile: “Brother Fan, Sister Nan, it seems we are the last hot spring pool.”
“What happened to me today, I was assigned the worst one.”
Obviously, Xu Changqing’s distribution of hot spring pools is ranked from good to bad, and the last one is not the worst hot spring pool?
“It’s okay. As long as you have a fast with Xiaofan, which hot spring pool is the best.” Chen Nan smiled, she didn’t care about it.
In her eyes, it would be good to have a hot spring pool, whether it is on the top of the mountain or on the mountainside.
“Mountainside Pool 36, users, Cheng Yuan, Niu Chaoxi, Qian Yingying~”
When the name of the last hot spring pool was finished, Shen Fei’s eyes widened immediately, and Chen Nan was equally surprised.
She turned to look at Shen Fei: “Shen Fei, your ticket is fake?”
“How is it possible?” Shen Fei stared.
“I bought this with real gold and white eyes. It’s because of my father.”
“How could it be fake?”
“It’s not ours?”
“What an international joke!”
“Brother Fan, Sister Nan, wait, I have to go over and ask!”
Shen Fei was obviously very angry.
He spent tens of millions on buying three tickets, but it turned out to be in vain. Is it strange that Shen Fei is not anxious?
Xu Changqing naturally didn’t pay attention to the movement of Shen Fei.
After he finished reading the list, he waved his hand: “Well, everyone, our beautiful ceremonies will take you to your respective hot spring pools.”
“May you have a good time”
“Hold on!” As soon as Xu Changqing’s words fell, Shen Fei’s angry voice came from below.
“Mr. Xu, what do you mean?”
“I spent money and bought tickets. Why is there no hot spring pool for us?” Shen Fei asked.
Xu Changqing glanced at Shen Fei and raised her eyebrows: “Are you?”
“I’m Shen Fei.”
“Oh, sorry, hold a fist, I forgot to tell you just now, my company’s benefits are temporarily prepared to give three employees a hot spring vacation, so the hot spring pool is not enough.”
“No way, you can only come back another day.” Xu Changqing replied with a smile.

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