A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1254

“We also take the money, and have tickets, and also come to the hot spring festival.”
“But why, others can bathe in hot springs as they wish, but we are the only ones who want to make way for your three subordinates?”
“Do you think it’s fair?”
Chen Nan’s sullen words echoed quietly.
Even she felt extremely angry about what happened today.
Although she was born in a wealthy family and does not seek preferential treatment from others, Chen Nan will naturally find it difficult to tolerate if even the minimum fairness cannot be guaranteed.
“Fairness?” Xu Changqing listened, and then laughed, “Miss Chen, you are in front of me, talking about fairness, don’t you think it is funny?”
“As Chen Ao’s daughter, you should know that there is no fairness in this world.”
“Yes, only power, only power.”
“When you have enough power and strength, you can despise any rules.”
“Just like now, this Yunyang Mountain, I am the biggest.”
“My words are rules and fairness!”
“If you are not convinced, just go back and tell your father.”
“I want to see, Chen Ao, dare you touch me?”
Xu Changqing’s proud words echoed for a long time.
Above the hall, he stood proudly with his hands in his hands, and his eyes were full of contempt and majesty towards Chen Nan and others.
“You are bullying others!” Chen Nan paled with anger.
Chen Nan obviously didn’t expect Xu Changqing to bully people so naked.
There is not even a bit of cover.
It’s too arrogant!
Even her Xiao Fan brother, Megatron Jiangdong, is not so arrogant.
Xu Changqing sneered: “You’re right, I’m just bullying others, you, a descendant of the Chen family, the daughter of the bullshit, what can you do for me?”
Xu Changqing’s arrogant and unreasonable words made Chen Nan’s beautiful eyes red with anger.
Since childhood, is she the first time she has been bullied like this?
But Xu Changqing is right. After he is a rich Yanjing, even if his father is here today, he dare not offend him.
Moreover, it is her brother Xiao Fan, who is probably afraid of Xu Changqing.
After all, the background of Xu Changqing and Yanjing giants can indeed step on the entire Jiangdong.
Chen Nan’s brows flushed, but he didn’t excuse any more.
She just raised her head, laughed at herself, and asked Xu Changqing puzzledly.
“Mr. Xu, you are right.”
“Your descendants, Jiangdong, really no one can do you?”
“But, I asked myself if I and the three of you didn’t offend you.”
“But why are you so against us today?”
Shen Fei also looked over, which was also what he was puzzled by.
They all met Xu Changqing for the first time today. They had no grievances in the past and no grudges, so why did they drive them away?
Xu Changqing was condescending, looking down at Shen Fei and Chen Nan, and continued to smile: “Since Miss Chen Nan wants to know, well, I will give you a face and tell you.”
“It’s actually very simple. You provoke my brother, Ma Mingbo!”
“This time, I should teach you a lesson.”
“Next time, remember to remember.”
“And Miss Chen, to remind you, China is very big, Jiangdong is too small.”
“Your Chen family may be regarded as a person in Jiangdong, but there is a sky outside the world, and there are people outside the world. In the eyes of the real rich, your Chen family is nothing but ants.”
“You can bully others for the sake of a rural waste.”
“I can also bully you for my brother!”

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