A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1260

After that, Xu Changqing naturally did not dare to talk nonsense anymore, bowed his head and apologized repeatedly: “Mr. Chu, I know I was wrong.”
“Before, I really didn’t know it was you?”
“That Ma Mingbo cheated me.”
“I, Xu Changqing, are absolutely loyal to you and never offend.”
“I hope Mr. Chu can see my sister Lei’s sake and bypass me this time.”
Xu Changqing pleaded for mercy, but he was chilling in his heart, almost all the tears in his eyes.
Ye Fan’s fierceness and ability, although he hadn’t seen it, he knew it well.
At the beginning, Ye Fan cut Hua Yinglong on Yanqi Lake with two punches and kicks.
Then, he sealed his throat with a sword and took the life of Lin Feng, the head of the Lin family.
Ye Fan has not been in Yanjing for a long time, but he has stepped down all over the city!
This is a fairy-like character, even Lin Feng is instantly exterminated like an ant under his hand, let alone his little Xu family junior?
Therefore, Xu Changqing was really scared, and Ye Fan slaughtered him in a rage.
“Okay, get up.”
“Read it on Xiao Lei, I will spare you this time.”
“However, I don’t need to hold accountable for your offense to me.”
“But how can you be merciful for your offense to Nan Nan?”
“To Nan Nan, kneel down and apologize!”
The cold wind is blowing up the mountains and sand.
After Ye Fan drank this, the expressions of Xu Changqing and others were suddenly pale.
Chen Nan was even more alarmed: “Brother Xiaofan, don’t you need it?”
“How can I bear his kneeling?”
Chen Nan shook his head and waved his hands again and again, not daring to accept Xu Changqing’s bow.
After all, the Xu family is the Yanjing giant.
She is a girl film, how to bear this weight.
Ye Fan looked calm, peeled off the orange, handed it to Chen Nan, and smiled lightly: “Nan Nan, why bother to belittle yourself?”
“I said you can bear it, you can bear it!”
“What’s more, you are humiliated for me, this justice, I should get it back for you!”
After the words fell, Ye Fan’s expression was cold, and he suddenly drank: “Don’t you kneel?!”
The words are sonorous and the sound is muffled.
Ye Fan’s words were like a stone falling to the ground, shaking the world.
Naturally, Xu Changqing didn’t dare to rebel, so he knelt directly under Chen Nan’s feet with a bang.
“Miss Chen, a thousand mistakes are made by Xu Changqing!”
“It’s Xu Changqing who has no eyes and offends you.”
“Even more, Xu Changqing is ignorant. I don’t know that you are Mr. Chu’s beauty.”
“Now, I take back what I just said.”
“Mr. Chu is your support, this Yunyang Mountain, you are the biggest!”
“Your words are the rules and fairness!”
As Xu Changqing knelt down, the words and sentences came from the heart and soul.
At this time, facing Chen Nan, he naturally no longer had the contempt and disdain he had before.
Obviously, Xu Changqing regarded Chen Nan again as Ye Fan’s woman in Jiangdong.
Lying on the knees of a drunk beauty, wake up to the world!
Throughout the ages, which hero, undoubtedly has a digital beauty behind?
In Yanjing, Ye Fan has his own cousin, Xu Lei.
In Jiangdong, Mr. Chu is accompanied by Chen Nan, and Xu Changqing is not surprising.
Ye Fan is good enough, and naturally there will be countless allure women fascinated by him.
Facing Xu Changqing’s words, Chen Nan’s pretty face was low, her beautiful eyes flickered, and he glanced at Ye Fan quietly, with inexplicable joy in his heart.
Especially when I heard Xu Changqing saying that she was Ye Fan’s beauty.
However, after rejoicing, there was another loss.
Chen Nan knew that after all, she was not the woman in Xiao Fan’s heart.
“In the eyes of Brother Xiaofan, maybe he has always regarded me as a younger sister~”
A sigh, but it resounded in Chen Nan’s heart.

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