A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1263

After sunset, Ye Fan and his party left Yunyang Mountain under the greeting of Xu Changqing and others.
“Brother Fan, thanks to you this time?”
“If it weren’t for your face, I’m afraid Shen Fei would enjoy such a magical hot spring in this life?”
On the way back, Shen Fei was talking and laughing.
Chen Nan was also full of joy and followed Ye Fan silently behind him. Looking at the thin figure ahead, those beautiful eyes are full of admiration and admiration.
She thought that it would take ten years for her brother Xiao Fan to become famous in China.
However, what Chen Nan never thought was, why ten years?
At the top of Yunyang Mountain today, Ye Fan asked the children of Yanjing’s wealthy family to kneel down and worship!
“Brother Xiaofan, really amazing~”
Chen Nan’s heart is full of worship.
However, when Ye Fan and his party were just leaving the scenic spot and were going to the parking lot to drive back to Yunzhou, a graceful figure appeared quietly at the intersection ahead.
Red lips are like fire, and the body is like jade.
Three thousand green silks, swaying messy in the wind!
At the moment that shadow appeared in front, Shen Fei and the others were all taken aback.
Is that, Susie?
Ye Fan raised his brows, but didn’t pay attention.
He is not familiar with Susie.
The reason for getting to know each other was entirely because of Qiu Mucheng.
Now that Mucheng is not here, Ye Fan naturally can’t talk to her.
What’s more, Ye Fan had a bad impression of Susie.
If it hadn’t been for this woman to intervene, there would have been so many misunderstandings between him and Qiu Mucheng.
Therefore, when he saw Susie, Ye Fan didn’t mean to stop and walked straight forward.
But Shen Fei thought Ye Fan hadn’t noticed, and immediately reminded: “Brother Fan, this seems to be my sister-in-law’s best friend, don’t you say hello?”
Ye Fan still turned a deaf ear.
But she didn’t even look at Susie, just like that, passing by Susie.
“Ye Fan, stop!”
However, at this moment, Susie suddenly shouted angrily.
She turned her head and looked at Ye Fan angrily with a pair of beautiful eyes.
Shen Fei has always been a personality. After he felt the atmosphere here is a little subtle, he quickly found an excuse and pulled Chen Nan to withdraw first.
“That…that, Brother Fan, you guys talk first.”
“Ms. Chen and I, go to the parking lot and wait for you first.”
“See you later!”
Shen Fei laughed, and then quickly fled here.
Obviously, listening to Susie’s tone, she was completely resentful in a boudoir, this must be menacing.
Shen Fei had to wonder if Brother Fan did something extraordinary with his wife on his back.
As outsiders, they naturally avoid such private issues.
As for Chen Nan, she has always been simple and naturally didn’t think so much, but in the end she was taken away by Shen Fei somehow.
Here, only Ye Fan and Su Qian were left.
Behind him, the mountains stand horizontally.
The long road ahead is long.
Ye Fan turned his back to her, expressionless, the two remained silent for a long time.
After being silent for a while, Ye Fan also raised his footsteps and prepared to leave.
He has no time to spend with her here.
“Ye Fan, don’t you give me an explanation for what happened today?”
However, just when Ye Fan was about to leave, Susie’s voice finally remembered.

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