A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1264

“Explain?” Ye Fan only felt funny, and asked, “Explain what?”
“What can explain?”
“Enough!” Ye Fan’s arrogant tone undoubtedly angered Susie completely, “Ye Fan, up to now, are you still kicking me here and pretending to be confused?”
“You clearly know what I’m asking!”
“You Ye Fan, but a poor boy from the country.”
“On your family background, you have a humble background and a poor family background. You have no background at all.”
“In terms of ability, apart from brute force, you have no bright spots. In the first year of life, you were nameless and accomplished nothing.”
“So that in the end, there is nowhere to go and become a son-in-law!”
“You have no background, no background, and no ability.”
“You, someone who should be eliminated by this society, but now?”
“On Mucheng’s birthday, you have fallen from the sky and let the flowers float all over the city, making everyone tremble!”
“The top of Yunzhou, Yunding Mountain Villa, my father cannot enter, Ma Mingbo cannot enter, but you come and go freely!”
“Today’s hot spring vacation, Xu Changqing beat Ma Mingbo for you, and the whole mountain is cleared.”
“Your Excellency Haiyuan, Teng Along kneels down to beg you for mercy!”
“In the company building, Wang Shuntian treats you with respect!”
“All of the above, shouldn’t you give me an explanation?”
Susie’s words were eloquent and sonorous, only as if the stone fell to the ground, aggressive.
A pair of beautiful eyes is like a torch.
He looked straight at Ye Fan, as if he wanted to see Ye Fan through.
Ye Fan laughed when he listened.
Just like, I heard the biggest joke in the world!
The laughter was loud, with anger and ice cold.
“Explain to you?”
“Suzy, Susie, don’t you think you are too wide-minded?”
“You are neither my parent, nor my sister, nor my Ye Fan’s woman.”
“What qualifications do you have, and in what capacity are you standing here and questioning me?”
“Let me explain to you, are you worthy?”
Ye Fan sneered, he turned his head, but Susie proudly asked again.
“Not to mention, if I say it, do you believe it?”
“Say!” Su Qian’s pretty pale face, gritted her teeth and said to Ye Fan angrily.
Ye Fan shook his head and chuckled lightly.
“Well, in that case, then I will tell you!”
“I, Ye Fan, is Mr. Chu.”
“Under Mount Tai, I turned the tide and killed Wu Herong with one finger!”
“On Yanqi Lake, it is my supernatural power that I stepped down on the entire Yanjing!”
“I killed the boxing champion Horton!”
“I drove away Zao Wou-ki, the richest man in Jiangdong!”
“Li Erzun I am like a father, Chen Aojing I am like a god~”
“I am in charge of Jiangdong, and the heroes respect me as the master!”
“I’m Megatron Yanjing, Xu Jia fears me like a rat!”
“More than that~”
“I, Ye Fan, is the Lord of the Dragon God!”
“The four dragon gods only look forward to my horse’s head, and the six dragon kings listen to me.”
“A word of mine can make a country bow its head.”
“I can make blood flow for kilometers with one finger!”
“I am super strong, no one can match~”

Under the sky, Ye Fan stood with his hands in his hands.
He disregarded the Quartet and smiled.
The sound of majesty is like a billowing thunder, blasting the whole world.
However, before Ye Fan finished speaking, Susie’s roar interrupted him angrily.
“Ye Fan, is it interesting?”
“Before, you played with Mucheng. Now, come to play with me again?”
“It’s fun to brag, isn’t it?”

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