A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1267

On the eve of the Chinese New Year, Li Er, the head of the Li family in Yunzhou, will return to Jiangdong after all!
On the same night, Li Er told the powerful men of the 18th largest prefecture-level city in Jiangdong that they must rush to Your Excellency Haiyuan before noon tomorrow to go to the Haitian feast!
Those who are not invited will have nowhere to stay in Jiangdong in the future.
This announcement from Li Er only caused a huge wave in Jiangdong, which had been calm for a while, if the boulder entered the sea.
It’s like a pot of boiling water, boiling instantly on New Year’s Eve!
That night, one after another luxury cars drove out of their respective mansions.
Jianghai City, Nanquan City, Jingzhou City…
The big bosses from all the prefecture-level cities all set off overnight, chasing the stars and the moon, and were invited to Yunzhou, just to invite a banquet to Mr. Chu!
It is like the princes and kings who were entrusted by the emperor to various places in China in ancient times. After being called, all nations will make a pilgrimage!
If you look down from the sky, you will definitely be able to see that there are nearly a hundred luxury cars running wildly on the highway to Yunzhou.
Each one is a million-dollar luxury car.
And, everything you pass along the way is unimpeded.
What’s more, traffic police opened the way and armed police guarded them.
All major toll stations on the expressway will be released in advance.
Even with the cooperation of the traffic police department, traffic lights at various intersections are temporarily dispatched. Green light all the way, like entering no one’s land.
After all, tomorrow’s feast, but Mr. Chu’s first banquet after he ruled Jiangdong. Its significance is no less than that of the new king enthroned.
As early as seven days ago, the Jiangdong of Norwegian University had begun to build momentum.
Nowadays, the powerful and powerful men from all the prefecture-level cities are coming out, such as Baichuanhuihai, and all nations to congratulate.
Such movement, such a battle, not only caused a sensation in the entire secular world, but also in the official political world, and it was naturally heard.
But after all, it is a folk feast, and it is naturally inconvenient for officials to participate.
However, the various departments also provided convenience as much as possible to show favor to Mr. Chu.
The two circles of politics and business are interdependent.
Businessmen need policy help, and the government also needs businessmen to pile up their political achievements.
The long-term stability of Jiangdong is naturally inevitable with the cooperation of these business leaders.
At this time, on the highway a hundred miles away from Yunzhou City, a black red-flag car was taking advantage of the night, speeding.
The license plate number is J00001.
If you are a bit knowledgeable, you will definitely know that this license plate number is a car belonging to the Jiangdong Provincial Party Committee and the official leader!
In the car, a man sat peacefully with his brows in his eyes.
Maybe it’s because of many days of research and research that made the man a little tired.
Before he knew it, he fell asleep by the car window.
The windows were not completely closed, leaving a gap, and the cold wind outside was hissing.
However, just when the man fell asleep.
An air current swept through, and only saw a Mercedes-Benz whizzing past, and the strong wind that it brought up swept through, and buzzed into the car through the window.
The man woke up immediately, and the hair on his forehead was hit and messed up.
At that time, the man’s eyebrows sank, and a sullen anger rose from his heart.
“Xiao Liu, catch up and write down the license plate of that car.”
He also overtakes the Jiangdong Provincial Party Secretary’s car?
Turn him upside down!
The man was full of mighty eyes and said angrily.
The driver Xiao Liu naturally didn’t dare to disobey, so he quickly increased the gas and prepared to catch up.
However, the man’s words just fell.
Bang bang bang bang~

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