A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1274

Regarding the prince of the Li family, Susie was naturally quite arrogant.
Before, Li Ziyang was a famous second-generation ancestor in Yunzhou. Relying on the shadow of his father’s generation, he worked with Shen Fei and Han Shaojie to dominate the land of Yunzhou. He was almost lawless and caused many disasters.
It was almost fatal back then.
Li Erye was furious and sent Li Ziyang out of Yunzhou. Since then, Yunzhou has stopped a lot.
Now Susie didn’t expect Li Ziyang to come back.
In the future, Yunzhou is afraid that it will no longer be peaceful.
“It’s a rare honor that Miss Su still remembers my name.”
Li Ziyang smiled lightly. Then she looked at Qiu Mucheng behind Su Qian, and suddenly smiled: “I was always curious before, where are all my Yunzhou beauties?”
“Now that I see your two sisters, the questions that have troubled me for many years have only been answered.”
“If the beauty of Yunzhou has ten points, you and Susie can account for seven points!”
“Haha, Brother Yang said it well!” Ma Mingbo and the others immediately clapped.
“As expected to be a turtle, this is so good at speaking!”
But Qiu Mucheng replied with a little embarrassment: “Master Li is absurdly praised.”
Li Ziyang shook his head: “It’s not admiration, it’s the truth.”
“If I could meet you a few years earlier, my future wife would be you.”
“But unfortunately, you are a step late after all.”
“I already have someone in Li Ziyang’s heart.”
“Wow~ How beautiful is the other party to make Young Master Li so enchanted? I am really curious about what the other party looks like?” Su Qian said gossiping.
Ma Mingbo smiled bitterly: “Cici, don’t be curious, my Yang brother’s goddess, you just met that day.”
“I just saw it?” Su Qian was taken aback for a moment, and then lost her voice, “Could it be, Chen Nan, the daughter of the Jiang Hai Chen family?”
Ma Mingbo nodded: “Isn’t it? This promised Jiangdong, can make my Yang brother can’t ask for it, and it’s the Chen family’s daughter alone.”
In the past, there were two goddesses in Jiangdong.
One is the richest man in Yunzhou and the beauty president of Hongqi Group, Xu Lei!
However, Xu Lei has a strong background, and many people dare not pursue Xu Lei even if they are interested.
The other is naturally Chen Ao’s daughter, Chen Nan.
After all, Chen Nan is not only pretty, but also the daughter of King Jiangdong.
If anyone marries her, he will be the lord of Jiangdong in the future.
Therefore, many rich and young people have tried their best to pursue Chen Nan.
Ma Mingbo is, Lei Aoting is, and now Li Ziyang is even more true.
But for so many years, no one can embrace a beautiful woman!
In the end, Ma Mingbo also gave up.
But Li Ziyang is consistent!
“Ziyang, now your father has become a celebrity under Mr. Chu. Relying on Mr. Chu’s reputation, now the second master’s majesty in Jiangdong has faintly overwhelmed Chen Ao.”
“In the past, Chen Nan relied on her father’s fame and ignored us.”
“This time, even if you measure Chen Nan, you will never refuse your pursuit again.”
Ma Mingbo flattered from the side.
“That’s natural!”
“This time, I returned from overseas for Nan Nan.”
“If I don’t take her down, I will never go back!” Li Ziyang said proudly.
“However, this Haitian feast is about to begin, why haven’t you seen Chen Nan?”
“Could it be that she won’t be here?” Li Ziyang worried.
But as he was talking, a graceful shadow appeared in front of him quietly.
“Speaking of Cao Cao, Cao Cao will be there.”
“Ziyang, isn’t this coming?” Ma Mingbo smiled suddenly.

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