A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1276

“I go!”
“This hillbilly is so bold.”
“Dare he scold Li Erye’s son?”
“It looks like there will be a good show in a while.” Fan Zhongxian gloated with Xia Yue and others.
Qiu Mucheng couldn’t bear it and wanted to go out and help Ye Fan to say something, but Susie held her back.
“Mucheng, what are you doing? Are you crazy?”
“This Ye Fan has been entangled with the Chen family’s daughter, not knowing how to live or die. This obviously touched the Li family’s prince.”
“You stand out at this moment, that is to burn your body!”
“Not only is it useless, but it will also implicate the company.” Susie persuaded in a low voice.
Ahead, Li Ziyang’s expression was completely cold.
“Cici, what’s the matter?”
“What happened?” The movement here attracted many people.
One of the spirited old women walked over and asked in confusion.
“Grandma, are you here too?”
Seeing the old man, Susie suddenly called grandma.
Ma Mingbo and others also greeted politely.
Old Madam Su has a large generation, so juniors like Ma Mingbo are naturally respected as Old Madam.
“You said that Ye Fan offended the young master of the Li Family?” After hearing this, the old lady frowned.
“Yes, grandma. See if you can help him say a few words.”
Although Ye Fan’s actions made Su Qian and others extremely angry, she was Qiu Mucheng’s husband after all.
In this case, try to help.
Seeing Susie’s begging gaze, the old lady nodded and reluctantly said in the past.
Seeing Li Ziyang, Mrs. Su smiled first: “It turns out to be the young master of the Li family.”
“I have long heard that Young Master Li is both talented and handsome, both in virtue and art, and has an open mind. After Ye Fan is my deceased, I hope Master Li will not remember the villain. After a while, I asked Ye Fan to apologize to Master Li. It is guaranteed to be renewed in the future.”
“As for today’s matter, even if it’s a matter of fact, it’s just to give the old man a face.” Su Lao Taijun said slowly.
Then he turned his head and stared at Ye Fan: “Ye Fan, what are you doing in a daze? You are so brave, you dare to offend the son of the second master? Why don’t you go over and apologize!”
“Let me make amends?” Ye Fan chuckled lightly, “Even if his father Li Er is here, he is not qualified, let alone him?”
Damn it!
I’ll go to Nima~
This idiot doesn’t want to live anymore?
When everyone heard this, their faces paled in shock.
As for Mr. Su, the whole person was barely irritated by Ye Fan.
Tie Qing yelled angrily: “I don’t know any jerk!”
“If it wasn’t for Cici begging, do you think the old man will take care of you?”
“What is this!”
Old lady Su was almost mad at death.
He kindly helped him intercede, but Ye Fan didn’t appreciate it, he was still talking nonsense.
Seek death by yourself, no wonder others!
In anger, Old Madam Su walked away directly.
He didn’t even look at Ye Fan again.
After Mrs. Su left, the atmosphere here was undoubtedly cold to the extreme.
This Ye Fan angered himself again and again, how could Li Ziyang bear it?
He clenched his palm, his eyebrows gloomy.
Then he raised his arm, waved, and shouted, “Ahu, break his arms!”

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