A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1279

“Brother Yang, why are you doing this?”
Here, the anger of Li Ziyang echoed in the world.
Shen Fei on the side listened, almost crying. I thought that Brother Yang was cheating his father, so he used the Li family to suppress Ye Fan.
If Ye Fan really angered Ye Fan, it would be the Li family who would roll the bed and roll off.
Shen Fei was so frightened that he repeatedly discouraged Li Ziyang.
But Li Ziyang is angry now, how could he hear Shen Fei’s words!
Still roaring at Ye Fan: “Hunboy, I will give you three seconds, kneel or not?”
Everyone looked at Ye Fan with pity.
Qiu Mucheng was in a complicated mood.
Susie was winking at Ye Fan, obviously making him bow her head.
Shen Fei burst into tears.
Ma Mingbo, Xia Yue and others are gloating.
Only Chen Nan has an exquisite and pretty face, a stunning face, a light smile, and a bright and intoxicating.
However, just as everyone was waiting for Ye Fan’s reaction, suddenly Ye Fan’s cell phone rang.
Li Ziyang immediately furious: “Whose phone number?”
“Are you backing?”
“Just tell him, let him prepare the coffin and wait to collect his body.”
“After you are done, the young master will even take care of him!”
Li Ziyang’s arrogant and angry voice echoed. Ye Fan looked at the phone, but he looked weird and said, “Are you sure?”
“This is your dad’s call.”
Ye Fanfeng said lightly.
Chen Nan next to him couldn’t hold back, and laughed directly with a chuckle.
The blooming branches trembled, just like lotus lotus in summer and snow plum in winter, swaying and moving.
“You~” Li Ziyang was almost mad at the time.
These words of Ye Fan undoubtedly made Li Ziyang speechless.
In the end, he had to gritted his teeth and said: “Babbit, I think you want to die!”
“Let me die?” Ye Fan shook his head and chuckled, “It’s not enough for you?”
“Mowing the grass when you are hungry, you’re really boastful!”
“If that’s the case, what about me?” Ma Mingbo had long seen Ye Fan displeased, and now he seized the opportunity and naturally fell into trouble.
Therefore, he stepped out and replied coldly.
Ye Fan snorted and shook his head: “It’s not enough for the ants.”
“Add me one more!”
There was another angry shout.
I saw Xia Yue pushing Fan Zhongxian, who was in a wheelchair, and leaning over.
Fan Zhongxian said with cold eyes.
In this regard, Ye Fan’s contemptuous smile in his eyebrows became even greater: “Don’t say that the three of you, plus Chen Ao, Li Er, and Lei Lao San, want me to die, it is still not enough!”
I rely on!
Should I go to Nima?
“So crazy?”
“Jiangdong King, Lei Sanye, and Li Erye add up, isn’t it enough?”
“This bastard is crazy?”
“What does he want to do?”
“Is this going against the sky?”
Ye Fan’s arrogant words are just like huge rocks entering the sea.
Undoubtedly here, a huge wave was set off.
The crowd everywhere exploded like bombs.
Everyone looked at Ye Fan like an idiot.
“What an idiot!” Xia Yue cursed quietly.
“Damn, life and death, Mucheng will be killed by this bastard sooner or later~” Susie stamped her feet with anger.
Qiu Mucheng closed her eyes and said nothing, but she was extremely disappointed with Ye Fan in her heart.
Even the onlookers are like this, not to mention the Li Ziyang and others in it.
“it is good!”
“Boy, you asked for this.”
Li Ziyang gave a cold cry, and immediately sentenced him to death.
However, just as Li Ziyang was preparing to dispatch thousands of security guards around him to encircle Ye Fan, someone walked out of the Haiyuan Pavilion.

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