A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1280

“Ziyang, stop playing, what about your father calling you?”
“Come here, in a hurry!”
“I want you to do something important.”
That person seemed to be Li Ziyang’s elder, and urged Li Ziyang from a distance.
“Mingbo, come in quickly.”
“Your father has something important to ask you.”
At this time, Ma Mingbo’s mother also walked over, pulling Ma Mingbo into anxiously.
“Yue’er, Xue’er, you two come here too.”
“Your grandfather has a task to give you.”
“It’s about family honor and disgrace. For descendants, you two sisters, you must take it seriously.”
The parents of Xia also walked out of the Haiyuan Pavilion and called to the two sisters Xia Yue and Xia Xue.
For a time, Li Ziyang and others were all summoned by the elders.
Li Ziyang and the others naturally did not dare to disobey the invitation of his parents.
“Fucky boy, lucky you!”
“However, this is not over.”
“When the banquet is over, the young master will bring the profit and let you pay it back together!”
“Mingbo, let’s go~”
Li Ziyang shouted coldly, and then entered the Haiyuan Pavilion with Ma Mingbo and others.
“This bastard is really lucky?”
“Can this be escaped?” Fan Zhongxian scolded in anger.
He originally thought that with this opportunity, he could completely step on Ye Fan.
But now it seems that we have to wait again.
“However, Ye Fan, you won’t be happy for long.”
“If you offend Li Ziyang, even the daughter of the Chen family can’t protect you!”
Fan Zhongxian snorted coldly, and then asked the waiter to push him into Haiyuan Pavilion.
“Mucheng, let’s go too!”
“This kind of arrogant idiot, I don’t want to see him for a moment~”
“Sorry to see it!”
“The banquet is over, hurry up and divorce this bastard!”
Susie cursed, and then she took Qiu Mucheng into the restaurant.
In those words, there was anger and disgust towards Ye Fan.
After these people left, Shen Fei let out a long sigh of relief.
Fortunately, things didn’t make a big deal!
Otherwise, once Li Ziyang and Ye Fan get involved, it might not end well.
“Brother Fan, let’s… also go in?”
After Shen Fei calmed down, he hurried up and said with a smile to Ye Fan.
Chen Nan gave him a blank look: “Where is your brother inside?”
“Brother Yang, brother Yang, called you so affectionate.”
When Shen Fei listened, she immediately broke into a cold sweat.
“Sister Nan, don’t I know the situation? Don’t run on me.”
During the conversation, the three of Ye Fan and his party also entered Haiyuan Pavilion.
Before the time came, and the banquet hadn’t officially started yet, Ye Fan and the others randomly found a corner and sat down.
Not far away, Susie, Qiu Mucheng and others noticed Ye Fan and the others.
“This guy, really came in?”
“What is the use?”
“Even if the soil turtle flies into the sky, it is also a soil turtle!”
“Is it possible to become a real dragon?” Susie sneered.
Fan Zhongxian also belittled Ye Fan in various ways.
Only Qiu Mucheng remained silent, always depressed, disappointed in Ye Fan.
At this time, somewhere in the private room of Haiyuan Pavilion.
Li Er, Lei Lao San, Ma Mingbo’s father Ma Junlin and other big guys from various cities are there.
But in front of them, they are all their descendants.
“Ziyang, after the banquet opens for a while, I will let Mr. Chu ascend to the highest position.”
“At that time, you will enter the court with a glass of wine from the back hall. Be sure to grab the first one and make a toast to Mr. Chu.”
“Did you hear me?”

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