A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1284

After hearing the words of Old Lady Su and the others, the other guests laughed again and again, looking at the young man in front of them like an idiot.
“A countryman, dare to pretend to be Mr. Chu?”
“Really seeking a dead end!”
“The terrapin is the terrapin. I haven’t seen it in the world without telling it. Now I don’t even know whether it is alive or dead?”

“This turtle, don’t you go back soon?!”
“What about the security?”
“Will you stop this idiot?”
In a moment, the rich people at the door all verbally criticized Ye Fan and rebuked.
In order to clear the relationship, Mr. Su called the most hard.
Finally, she called the security guards and asked them to drive Ye Fangang out of the restaurant.
However, just when Fan Zhongxian, Su Qian and others were all swearing at Ye Fan, suddenly, only one person in front of him stood up quietly, and bowed to Ye Fan in front of him: “Yeah, Mr. Chu !”
The audience suddenly stopped.
Fan Zhongxian was even more shocked.
What the hell is this Nima?
Ye Fan continued to step forward. When he reached the third step, another big man stood up, clasped his fists and worshiped: “Yeah, Mr. Chu!”
“This this…”
“This…what the hell is going on?” Old lady Su was stunned, and there was no more voice.
Susie, who was yelling angrily just now, also fell silent.
A pretty face, already pale.
When Ye Fan reached the fourth step, the third boss stood up again: “Yeah, Mr. Chu!”
With the respect of the third tycoon rang out, in an instant, if the boulder enters the sea, a huge wave will be set off.
On the high platform of the powerful, powerful and powerful men stood up one after another, and one after another resounding resounded: “Yellow, Mr. Chu!”
Until the end, Li Er and the Yunzhou fellows strode out and bowed together: “Yellow, Mr. Chu!”
Chen Ao walked with Jiang Hai’s crowd, admiring and worshipping again: “Welcome, Mr. Chu!”
Lei Laosan brought Jingzhou No. 1 Middle School and bowed his head three times: “Yellow, Mr. Chu~”
The voice of respect and the words of respect are like nine days of waves, converging into a stream, but they are impacting the entire world.
For a time, the leading giants of 18 Dadi City in Jiangdong Province bowed their heads together. Facing Ye Fan, everyone respected and worshiped.
It is like a group of officials bowing their heads, and it is also a pilgrimage for believers.
In the respect and awe of Chen Ao and others, Ye Fan walked with his head high, his feet on the ground, and his steps!
In one fell swoop, set foot on the top of Jiangdong!
The wind was bitter outside, but in the hall, there was a resounding echo.
Ye Fan was expressionless and independent.
He is like a king over the world, standing proudly at the highest point of Haiyuan Pavilion, and he is congratulated by all nations!
He stood with his hand held, and she sneered.
A pair of eyebrows, deep and distant like the sea of stars, stands tall, looking down at all living beings.
In the audience, it was Chen Ao and others, whose respect echoed.
“Welcome, Mr. Chu~”

The cold wind in the extreme north swept across, but it caused thousands of waves on the Yunwu Lake.
In the hall, only the young man stood proudly.
The voice of worship and congratulation trembles the world.
Countless people were stunned looking at the young man worshipped by the officials.
Qiu Mucheng’s expression was even more panic, and there was a buzz in her mind, as if thunder exploded, and the whole world collapsed.
“Ye… Ye Fan? Chu…Mr. Chu?” Qiu Mucheng whispered aloud.
There was never a moment when she felt that life was as absurd as she is now.

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