A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1286

Life, the most painful thing, is this.
The person who had been stepped on by himself suddenly one day stood at a height that he could not reach.
One can imagine how angry and unwilling Fan Zhongxian is today.
This is true even for Fan Zhongxian, let alone the old lady of the Su family.
From the moment Ye Fan stepped on the top of the cloud, Mr. Su stayed in place like a stone sculpture.
His eyes were staring, and he couldn’t say a word.
In my heart, there is endless fear and regret.
Until this time, Mrs. Su knew what kind of person she had despised before.
“You once said that in your eyes, Ma Mingbo is an ant mote, and billions of villas are just a joke.”
“I thought that all this was just your teenage arrogance.”
“Now it seems that I was wrong, and I was so wrong.” The
“You are right. Compared with you, we are indeed frogs at the bottom of the well, and we are indeed ants mote.”
“We were wrong, we were all wrong~”
“Everyone underestimated you.”
Old lady Su shook his head and smiled, laughing at himself with eyes all over.
She never thought that she was shrewd for a lifetime, read countless people, and finally looked at Ye Fan.
On the stage, Ye Fan stood with his hands folded.
Above the delicate face, there is full of pride.
He looked down at the crowd and waved his hands: “Okay, let’s all sit down.”
“Li Er, let me know and prepare to have a banquet.”
“Mr. Chen and others have come from afar, as the host, you and I must entertain everyone well.”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Li Er nodded immediately: “Mr. Chu, don’t worry, everything has been arranged.”
“However, before the banquet, Dog Zi wants to toast Mr. Chu a glass of wine to express his feelings.”
While speaking, Li Er immediately turned his head and shouted outside the corridor: “Ziyang, come in soon, and toast to Mr. Chu?”
Fearing that Lei San would be left behind, he immediately shouted to the outside: “Aoting, you also come to a toast to Mr. Chu.”
“I’m coming.”
At this time, outside the hall, the voices of Li Ziyang and Lei Aoting came.
Immediately afterwards, I saw two men in suits, one of whom was holding a glass of red wine, and quickly walked in the direction of Ye Fan.
Walking in the forefront was Li Er’s son, Li Ziyang.
“Mr. Chu, you dominate the heroes, and you have a great reputation in Jiangdong.”
“When Ziyang was abroad, Mr. Chu’s name had already been thunderous.”
“Today, finally meet.”
“With this wine, Mr. Chu.”
“Take Mr. Xiang Chu to express Ziyang’s infinite respect.”
Li Ziyang was far away and began to speak respectfully.
“Oh, Master Li, do you really want to toast me?”
At this time, Ye Fan turned around, looked at Li Ziyang in front of him, and asked jokingly.
“Why are you here?”
“You are so brave, how dare you come here to make trouble?”
“Hurry up!”
“Is this the place you can come from?” Li Ziyang was furious when he saw Ye Fan.
He was preparing to toast backstage just now, and he didn’t see Ye Fan coming on stage.
Now that Ye Fan actually appeared at the banquet, he was naturally furious.
It’s just a farm turtle, and Li Ziyang naturally didn’t care.
However, as soon as Li Ziyang’s words fell, the entire Haiyuan Pavilion suddenly became quiet.
Everyone was stunned, looking at him with inexplicable eyes.
Lei Aoting behind him was even more startled, and then secretly gave Li Ziyang a thumbs up, thinking, are you awesome?
“what happened?”
“What do you all think of me for?”
“What about the security?”
“Hurry up and drive this turtle out?” Li Ziyang was still talking.
However, Li Er, who was on the side, was already frightened, and he was swinging all over.

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