A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1287

In furious, Li Eryi slapped Li Ziyang’s face directly.
With only a snap, Li Ziyang turned around three times, and finally lay on the ground like a dog. The wine glass in his hand broke in an uproar, and the red wine in the glass was poured on the floor.
How powerful is Li Er’s slap?
Li Ziyang was directly stunned.
The head is buzzing.
With a sad face, he looked at his father with aggrieved heart: “Dad, what are you doing?”
“What are you doing?”
“I fucked your mother!”
“You bastard!”
“Who is special, do you dare to insult?”
“Lao Tzu finally gave Mr. Chu this kind of good impression, and it all defeated you, a beast.”
“I, Li Erying, how did you give birth to such a bastard?”
Li Er was angry and surprised.
The whole person was crazy, cursing angrily at Li Ziyang.
He did everything possible to make Li Ziyang respect this wine, for what?
It’s not to make a good impression on Mr. Chu.
But Li Er never thought that his own idiot son, let alone leave a good impression on Mr. Chu, would even insult Mr. Chu in public?
At this time, Li Er was so angry that he wanted to kick his asshole son to death.
However, when Li Er was angry, Lei Laosan, Nanquan tycoon Ma Fei and others were gloating.
After all, Li Er has become too popular recently.
Now his son offended Mr. Chu and caused a terrible disaster, just to suppress Li Er’s arrogance.
As Lei San and others who have been fighting for power with Li Er, they are naturally happy.
Patriarch Ma also came out, pretending to persuade him from the side: “It is said that the tiger father has no dogs, it seems that the Li family is an exception?”
“Even Mr. Chu dared to insult, he really didn’t know how to live or die and had no tutor.”
“If I had such a son, I would be the first to interrupt his dog legs!”
Ma Fei smiled coldly.
Li Er’s face was even more ugly, and he kicked Li Ziyang again with anger.
While weeping here, Ma Fei took the opportunity to shout quickly: “Mingbo, don’t wait behind.”
“Come out quickly and make a toast to Mr. Chu!”
“Dad, here comes~” Hearing his father’s call, Ma Mingbo, who had been waiting in the background, took three steps and two steps with the red wine glass, and then walked out.
With a face full of pride and smile, he walked in front of everyone like this.
When passing by Susie and others, Ma Mingbo even showed off a general smile at Susie.
Then he held his head high and walked to the high platform.
However, Ma Mingbo never met Mr. Chu.
But it doesn’t matter. Even if he doesn’t know him, Ma Mingbo estimates that it is Mr. Chu who stands at the highest point among all the bigwigs.
Therefore, Ma Mingbo immediately looked at the crowd.
However, it didn’t matter if Ma Mingbo didn’t look at it. When he saw the person on stage, a “fuck” burst out.
“It’s you?”
“You are a farm turtle, a big guts. It’s nothing more than to enter the Haitian feast, and dare you to sit on the supreme seat?”
“Don’t get out of here!”
Ma Mingbo cursed, and at the same time he looked at his father: “Dad, please call the security guard to drive this stinky boy out.”
“This bastard is just a hillbilly. My Haitian Feast is a grand gathering of wealthy families. How can we allow such local turtles to be here?”
Ma Mingbo quickly persuaded, the voice of disgust echoed.
The atmosphere here is quiet again.
Lei Aoting’s eyes twitched, and Ma Mingbo gave another thumbs up.
You are awesome!
Sure enough, after Ma Mingbo’s words fell, Ma Fei, who was gloating about Li Er just now, had an old face turned green, full of panic.
“Babies, what am I going to kill you!”

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