A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1291

Without waiting for Qiu Mucheng’s answer, Ye Fan had already picked up the dirty wine in his glass and drank it all in one go!
The entanglement of such a long time of grievances and three years of husband and wife friendship seems to be all counted in this glass of dirty wine.
The wine entered the gloom, the three-pointer turned into the moonlight, and the seven-pointed scream became the sword qi, and the roar of anger was full of anger!
It has been too long, since Ye Fan entered the Zhuqiu family, no one knows what kind of humiliation Ye Fan has endured over the years.
In the past, Ye Fan didn’t care about letting others deceive him, insult him, and ridicule him.
The only thing he cared about in this huge Yunzhou land was Qiu Mucheng.
However, in Qiu Mucheng’s eyes, what kind of achievements Ye Fan had made before he took office, they all relied on others and were the favor of others.
Today, Haitian feasted, and he invited Qiu Mucheng to come to the feast.
Just to let her, the man who witnessed her, step up to the sky and stand tall on the top of the Yangtze River.
Ye Fan, with a naked reality, told her that his man is definitely not a waste.
Relying on himself, he is enough to give her a magnificent glory!
After drinking all the spirits, Ye Fan turned and left, leaving Qiu Mucheng with only Ye Fan’s thin and firm back.
Looking at him, watching the figure that was gradually leaving, Qiu Mucheng remained silent for a long time.
In the ear, Ye Fan’s arrogant voice echoed just now.
In my heart, there is regret and self-blame.
Until now, Qiu Mucheng undoubtedly realized that she was wrong from beginning to end.
She was so wrong!
He is her husband, she should, unconditionally believe him.
She shouldn’t, questioning him.
Tears kept flowing.
Seeing Ye Fan’s back, Qiu Mucheng burst into tears before she knew it.
The Haitian Feast will soon end.
After the banquet was over, some of the little rich men who came to join in the fun, as well as the juniors like Susie and Fan Zhongxian, all left.
The other leaders in various cities were invited by Ye Fan to the Yunding Mountain Villa.
“Everyone, take your seat.”
“I prepared a good tip for everyone.”
“Everyone taste it, no need to be cautious.”
In the villa, Ye Fan sits tall. Below, Li Er, Chen Ao and others all sat on the sofa, drinking tea.
“Mr. Chu, you are looking for us, it shouldn’t be just for us to drink tea.”
“Say something directly.”
“The new year is approaching, I believe everyone here, the company has many things to deal with.”
“I think Mr. Chu, if you have something, it’s better for you to speak straight to the point.”
“time is money.”
“This is good for everyone.”
At this time, a man in his thirties raised his head to look at Ye Fan and said in a deep voice.
“Chunhua, pay attention to your attitude.”
Hearing the man’s words, someone next to him turned pale with fright and poked the man in the suit secretly.
Ye Fan looked over and smiled faintly: “Don’t you introduce yourself?”
“Yes.” The man nodded and smiled back. “It is normal to know that Mr. Chu is aloof and not to know me.”
“My name is Meng Chunhua, and my father is the head of the Meng family in Liaocheng City, Meng Lianggu.”
“Liaocheng?” Ye Fan frowned, obviously a little strange to this city.
Li Er quickly reminded in a low voice, “Mr. Chu, Liaocheng City is located on the border between the east and the west of the river. It used to belong to Zao Wou-ki’s sphere of influence. He has relatives with Yenching’s big family.”
“When Zao Wou-ki was in power, he respected the Meng family for three points.”

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