A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1292

Listening to Li Er’s words, Ye Fan nodded, and he also understood the Meng Family a little bit.
Ye Fan was not angry about Meng Chunhua’s unceremonious words, but smiled and said, “It turns out to be the eldest master of the Meng family.”
“Since Master Meng manages everything every day, I won’t waste your precious time.”
“Today, on New Year’s Day, I will gather everyone to gather in Yunzhou. In addition to banqueting for everyone to have a New Year banquet. There is indeed one more thing that needs your cooperation.”
“whats the matter?”
“Mr. Chu said it’s okay.”
“If it wasn’t for your husband to turn the tide and save me Jiangdong from crisis, how could we be today?”
“So, sir’s business is ours.”
“As long as Mr. Chu gives an order to go up to the sword mountain and down to the sea of fire, we are absolutely unambiguous!”
After hearing Ye Fan’s words, many people patted their chests to show their loyalty, and looked at Ye Fan, waiting for Ye Fan’s answer.
Ye Fan shook his head and smiled: “It’s natural that you don’t have to.”
“Jiangdong’s future stability and development will have to rely on you, how am I willing to let you die.”
“Actually, my affairs are troublesome and troublesome, simple and simple.”
“That is, I hope each company can help me raise a few tons of jade.”
“The more the better, the better the quality, the better.”
“Before the Spring Festival, get me together.”
“Still in tons?”
When everyone heard it, they were shocked and looked at Ye Fan.
“Mr. Chu, what do you want so many jade for?”
“Jade is a treasure.”
“If you buy in large quantities, it will cost a lot of premium.”
“And some top jade, the price per ton is hundreds of millions.”
In the room, everyone asked in doubt.
Ye Fan faintly replied: “I want jade, it has my own use.”
“You just tell me if you can help me raise enough.”
Ye Fan looked at everyone, and in a moment, Nuoda’s villa was quiet.
Everyone also bowed their heads, neither saying yes or no.
“You want jade, of course.”
“As long as Mr. Chu has enough funds and how much you want, our Meng family can supply you.”
“I just don’t know how much Mr. Chu is going to give me, let us prepare jade for you.”
After a moment of silence, Meng Chunhua’s laughter quietly sounded.
In an instant, the atmosphere in the room became more subtle again.
But I have to say that Meng Chunhua has spoken out everyone’s doubts.
After all, Ye Fan only talked about the preparation of jade, but did not say anything about money. ,
Buying jade is not a small amount.
Facing Meng Chunhua’s question, Ye Fan faintly replied: “I don’t have any money. As for compensation, I don’t know whether my favor is enough or not?”
“Huh~ Favor?”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Meng Chunhua suddenly smiled.
“Mr. Chu, what you said is nice.”
“But you mean that you are not going to give us a penny and let us give you jade for nothing?”
“Mr. Chu, it’s not me that Meng Chunhua doesn’t give you face.”
“All of us here are businessmen, and we are doing business. Now that the economy is down, everyone has a hard time. Everyone is carrying a lot of loans.”
“But now, in one sentence, you are thinking of the empty glove white wolf, let us buy you jade out of our own pocket, don’t you think this request is too much?”

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