A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1293

“Yes, Mr. Chu.”
“Now that the global economy is down, countless companies close down every year.”
“We are present with so many people, it seems to be full of glory, but in fact, we are embarrassed behind it.”
“The loan our company owes the bank next year will be repaid.”
“We still don’t know where to get the money. Even if we want to buy jade for Mr. Chu, it’s too much to do.”
With Meng Chunhua taking the lead, in the villa present, many people also agreed.
Facing Ye Fan, he pours bitterness, crying and crying, and some even want Ye Fan to support them.
At this time, where is their appearance, where is the slightest boldness when they said that they went to the knife mountain and went to the pan?
“So, you guys do not agree?”
Ye Fan frowned suddenly, and there was already a little coldness in his words.
For a moment, there was silence in the villa.
Everyone, you look at me, I look at you, everyone is silent.
Did not say yes, nor did he say no.
“Mr. Chu, we, Yunzhou Xia Family, are willing to cooperate!”
At this time, Xia Xue, who had been following Grandpa, suddenly said.
“Sher, what are you doing?”
“Grandpa hasn’t spoken yet, is this for you to speak?”
Seeing that her sister was so self-willed, her sister Xia Yue immediately said fiercely.
Although she knew Ye Fan’s identity now, but even so, Xia Yue naturally did not allow her family’s interests to be harmed in favor of this so-called Mr. Chu.
Therefore, when Xia Xue was the first to agree, Xia Yue was naturally surprised and angry.
“I believe that Grandpa, like me, is willing to cooperate with and support Mr. Chu.”
Xia Xue looked at the old man ahead with a pretty face full of expectations, that is, the old man of the Xia family.
Father Xia nodded and smiled comfortedly: “Yeah.”
“Sher’s words are exactly what I meant.”
“Mr. Chu has a need, my Yunzhou Xia Family will do my best to support Mr. Chu!”
“Please rest assured, Mr. Chu, my Xia family is willing to spend 800 million to buy jade, which will be delivered to Mr. Chu before the Spring Festival!”
“Grandpa, why are you~” Xia Yue’s eyes narrowed and her eyes widened.
He never thought that his grandfather would be so old and confused.
For the sake of one favor, 800 million will be given?
What is the difference between this and free delivery?
Xia Yue naturally felt it was worthless!
“Yunzhou Li Family, I would also like to serve Mr. Chu!”
“Lei family in Jingzhou, I would like to serve Mr. Chu!”
“Jiang Hai Chen Ao, I would like to serve Mr. Chu~”
When the Xia family walked out, it was like a huge boulder falling into the sea, setting off a huge wave with one stone.
Li Er, Chen Ao and others walked out, all expressing their willingness to raise jade for Ye Fan.
Li Er and others, after all, received Ye Fan’s favor.
When Zao Wou-ki’s power fell, most of his assets almost fell into the hands of Chen Ao, Li Er, and Lei Lao San.
It can be said that a large part of their power today is the favor of Ye Fan.
Now that Ye Fan is in need, the three of them are bound to take the lead and naturally take the lead.
However, the others are obviously still waiting.
After all, even if Ye Fan’s momentum is strong, but the white wolf is empty-mouthed and throws more than one billion for no reason, even if it is them, it is naturally painful.
Just when Ma Fei and others were still weighing the pros and cons, and their hearts were tangled, a sneer came out again.

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