A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1298

Kneeling at Ye Fan’s feet, he kept apologizing for mercy.
“Mr. Chu, I…I was wrong.”
“I have no eyes and offended Mr. Chu?”
“Mr. Chu has a large number of adults, I hope you can spare me this time.”
“I really didn’t mean it.”
“I promise, after today, I will never covet Susie for a while.”
Ma Mingbo’s words are tragic, with trembling sounds.
Ye Fan listened, but shook his head and smiled: “You are wrong, but now, you don’t know where you are wrong?”
“Do you really think that the beauty of the Su family daughter can come into my eyes?”
“Huh?” Ma Mingbo was stunned for a moment, a little confused, “She… isn’t she, you…your girlfriend?”
“Of course not!” Ye Fan refused directly, his tone even more categorical.
“I went to the Su family’s family banquet that day, just to pay back the Su family’s patron.”
“As for Susie and I, we have nothing to do with each other.”
“I am already married, and Qiu Mucheng is my wife.”
“You…your wife, is it… Qiu Mucheng?”
Hearing this, Ma Mingbo’s heart trembled even more. He only felt incredible, and his eyebrows immediately widened.
He never thought that Mr. Chu would get married.
He didn’t even think that Susie’s best friend was Mr. Chu’s wife?
Suddenly, Ma Mingbo felt fortunate in his heart.
Fortunately, during this period of time, I didn’t do anything unusual to Qiu Mucheng.
Otherwise, I am afraid that it will be nine lives, not enough to kill.
However, if Ma Mingbo had no previous thoughts about Susie’s best friend, it would be impossible.
He had planned to fix Susie first, then secretly fix Qiu Mucheng and let her be his lover.
After all, Qiu Mucheng was better than Susie in terms of body and appearance.
The only thing inferior to Susie is the background family.
No one dislikes such women.
But now, after learning the identity of Qiu Mucheng, Ma Mingbo immediately broke into a cold sweat.
After Ma Mingbo finished apologizing, Li Ziyang also kept begging Ye Fan for mercy.
For the face of their father, Ye Fan did not embarrass them.
Just a cold reminder: “In the future, remember to keep your eyes open.”
“Especially you, Li Ziyang, right?”
“I still remember, in front of Haiyuan Pavilion, you told me that your father is the biggest in the land of Yunzhou.”
“Now, who do you think is the biggest?”
Ye Fan’s playful words sounded, and Li Er was shocked immediately after hearing it.
Frightened, he slapped Li Ziyang’s face again with a slap: “You cheating bastard!”
“Just talk nonsense, I suck your dog’s mouth?”
“Dare to say anything?”
“How come I, Li Er, have you asshole son!”
“Sooner or later I will be cheated to death by your idiot!”
Li Er was shocked and angry.
It is undoubtedly disrespectful to say that he is the biggest in front of Mr. Chu.
If it doesn’t work, it’s a capital crime.
Li Er naturally panicked.
But Ye Fan continued to shook his head and smiled: “No matter, I won’t punish you this time.”
“But here, let me remind you.”
“In the future, be a calm person, a kind person, and a smiley person.”
“Pretend to be pushy, do less.”
Ye Fan’s words echoed.
The two of Li Ziyang smashed their heads like garlic, so naturally they dared not say anything.
Chen Ao watched from the side, his eyes twitched secretly, and said in his heart.
“Mr. Chu’s pretense can give full marks.”

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