A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1300

That night, Li Er compiled the information sent by Chen Ao, Lei Laosan and others, and sent them all to Ye Fan.
The information is complicated, but the main thing is some things about the Meng family.
“This Meng Chunhua’s grandma is called Zhang Yizhu. She is from Yanjing.”
“As far as I know, this Yizhu’s natal family is not small in Yanjing.”
“Even if it is not a rich family, it can definitely rank among the first-class families in Yanjing City.”
“Over the years, the Meng family has been walking around with the Zhang family of Yanjing. Recently, I heard that a daughter of the Meng family’s collateral family has already engaged in a marriage contract with the Zhang family of Yanjing.”
“We will get married after the Spring Festival.”
“Under these circumstances, I still suggest not to head-on with the Meng family.”
“Persuade the warning, it is much better than confrontation.”
After reading the information, Li Er knows more about the Meng family, but at the same time, the worries in his heart are more intense.
Originally, Li Er thought that even if the Meng family had some background, his background was at best a second-rate force in Yanjing City.
But now it seems that he still underestimated the dependence behind the Meng family.
However, listening to Li Er’s narration, Ye Fan looked calm from beginning to end.
It is as if the Ping Lake stops water, and the ancient well has no waves.
“First-class power?” Ye Fan chuckled lightly and shook his head. “It’s the upstart, I don’t care about it.”
“What is there to be afraid of for a first-class family?”
Hearing Ye Fan’s words, Li Er suddenly felt more anxious: “Mr. Chu, you must not try to do things like this. If you fail, have you ever thought about the consequences, Mr. Chu?”
“Winner and loser!”
“At that time, I am afraid that the current situation in Jiangdong will no longer exist!”
“For the worse, Jiangdong is very likely to change hands.”
“My Li Er is humble, and even if I end up miserably, there is nothing to be a pity.”
“But Mr. Chu, if this battle fails, your bright future and future will be ruined!”
Li Er described Ye Fan’s actions against the Meng family here as war.
Indeed, in the eyes of Li Er and others, it is indeed a war!
It was the battle of Jiangdong power, the battle between Ye Fan and the Meng family.
Regardless of victory or defeat, it will undoubtedly change the power structure of Jiangdong in the future. ,
Even Li Er felt that this battle was not inferior to that of Taishan Wuhui.
However, no matter how Li Er tried to persuade him, Ye Fan didn’t have any intention to change his mind.
“I have decided, you don’t have to persuade you anymore in this matter.”
“What you need to do now is to use all the power and connections we can use today, from capital, raw material supply, engineering cooperation, business sales and other aspects, to sanction Meng’s Chunhua Industrial Group!”
“Not only must the Mengshi Group’s capital chain be cut, but also their purchase chain and sales chain!”
“Completely isolate the Meng Group from Jiangdong.”
“Within two days, I will let the Meng family know what it is, despair!”
Ye Fan spoke slowly, but in his calm tone, there was endless forest and chill.
However, facing Ye Fan’s confident words, Li Er really has nothing that can quickly overwhelm the confidence of the Meng family.
After all, not to mention whether the Meng Group can be completely isolated from the Jiangdong business community, even if it is really isolated, what can it be?

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