A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1303

“Mr. Chu, he really did something to the Meng family.”
“Really revenge is not overnight.” The Xia family’s old man was worried.
Everyone in the Xia family was equally dignified, obviously not knowing what choice to make.
After all, regardless of the Meng family and Mr. Chu, neither of the Xia family can offend them.
“Grandpa, I think the cooperation with the Meng family can’t be stopped.”
“You know, behind the Meng family is a big power from Yanjing.”
“Moreover, in the next year, the Meng family and the Zhang family of Yanjing will marry.
“Now the two are fighting fiercely. If we break the cooperation with the Meng family at this time, it will undoubtedly offend the Meng family to death.”
“Furthermore, even if Ye Fan dominates Jiangdong, he has only been on the top of Jiangdong for more than a few months, and his heart is unstable.”
“At this time, when dealing with a Meng family with a huge background, who is the one who will kill you?”
“After all, isn’t Yanjing’s wealthy man much more powerful than the so-called Mr. Chu?”
At this time, Xia Yue persuaded her from the side.
Xia Yue knew very well that Ye Fan, who she had offended before, died to death. If their Xia family fell to Ye Fan, Xia Yue would be in a precarious situation in the Xia family in the future.
After all, it is impossible for Mr. Xia to give a heavy responsibility to someone who has a grudge against Mr. Chu.
Therefore, instead of being left out in the cold in the future, he should persuade the old man to fall to the Meng family.
As long as their Xia family helped the Meng family bring down Ye Fan, then Xia Yue would still be the eldest princess of the Meng family.
“Do not!”
“Grandpa, I think we should stop our cooperation in response to Li Erye and others’ call.”
“Mr. Chu is a dragon among people, we should believe him.”
However, Xia Xue, who had always been timid, had courage who didn’t know where it came from at this moment, she bravely stood up in the family meeting and said a different voice from Xia Yue.
“Xiaoxue, you shut up!”
“You silly girl, what do you know?”
“Does this have your place?”
“Return the dragon and the phoenix?”
“Then Ye Fan, I don’t know how many lifetimes of luck he has accumulated before he has reached the top of Jiangdong.”
“Perhaps, in Jiang Dong’s eyes, he is a dragon.”
“But in the eyes of Yanjing giants, is he a fart?”
“Give it back?”
“It’s a turtle at best!”
Xia Yue didn’t expect that her cowardly sister, after daring to disobey her, she suddenly yelled angrily.
Xia Xue was so scared that she immediately lowered her head, her pretty face drooping, but she did not dare to speak anymore.
“Well, don’t make any noise!”
Finally, after a long silence, Father Xia spoke.
For a time, Xia Yue, Xia Xue and everyone in the Xia family looked at the old man.
Father Xia raised his head and looked at everyone in the Xia family: “Listen to my order, after today, the company and property under my Xia family will cut off all business contacts with the Meng family.”
“Mr. Chu is the dragon of Yunzhou, my Xia family has lived in Yunzhou for generations, so he should support me as the dragon of Yunzhou!”
“Grandpa, but…” Xia Yue was almost desperate when she heard what the old man said, and she still had to persuade.
“Xia Yue, maybe I was too arrogant and indulged in you before, so that you are so arrogant now, not knowing the severity? I dare to speak disrespectfully to Mr. Chu?”
“Do you know that if Mr. Chu is here, just what you just said will be enough for my Xia Family Manchu to be buried with him.”
“I warn you for the last time, if you dare to be disrespectful to Mr. Chu in the future, let me roll off the position of Princess Xia’s parents and let Xiaoxue do it!”
Father Xia rumbling loudly like a muffled thunder.
Facing the grandfather’s majesty, Xia Yue’s pretty face became pale, and she couldn’t say anything in fear.

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