A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1304

With the encirclement and suppression of the Meng family by Chen Ao and others, a similar scene was staged all over Jiangdong.
Just like the Haozhou king’s family, there are those who watch the changes.
Like the Xia family, there are full supporters.
Similarly, there are also family forces who choose to stand on the side of the Meng family.
Liaocheng, Meng family.
“Huh, what a Mr. Chu.”
“What a courage!”
“You dare to attack our Meng family?”
In the hall, Meng Chunhua slapped the table angrily, frowning and talking angrily.
He originally thought that with their Meng family background, even if they lent Mr. Chu some courage, he would definitely not dare to attack the Meng family.
However, it now appears that Meng Chunhua still underestimated Ye Fan’s fierceness.
“Chunhua, what should I do now?”
“In the Jiangdong land, although our Meng family has some power, it is obviously impossible to wrestle with Mr. Chu.”
“Today, more than 30 companies have announced that they will suspend business cooperation with us and cut off contacts!”
The Patriarch of the Meng Family, Meng Hao, looked solemn.
Over the years, relying on the shadow of her mother and her family, their Meng family has been in Jiangdong with smooth winds.
Whether it was Zao Wou-ki in power or Chen Ao’s dominance, no one dared to move their Meng family.
Now, who would have thought that this Mr. Chu would use their Meng family to have an operation.
Meng Chunhua waved his hand: “Dad, stay calm.”
“But only a few cooperations have been suspended.”
“There is no one in the province to cooperate with us, so we will find companies outside the province to cooperate.”
“As long as the capital chain continues and the supply and marketing chain is still there, our Meng family will be fearless!”
Meng Chunhua spoke lightly, with a very confident tone.
However, as soon as Meng Chunhua’s words came down, outside the hall, several members of the Meng family rushed in.
“Cousin, uncle, no… not good~”
“Why panic?”
“Isn’t it just a few small broken companies that stopped cooperation with us?”
“It’s a big thing, see you one by one.”
“I asked you to go to the outskirts of the city to pick up the goods. How was the pick up?”
Seeing these panicked tribesmen in front of him, Meng Chunhua was displeased and scolded sharply.
“Cousin, this is what I want to talk about.”
“The convoy that the Xia family agreed to supply us suddenly withdrew.”
“The 180 tons of raw materials were pulled back again.”
“I called the head of the Xia family, and they said that they would not supply us anymore.”
“Is there anything else?”
“What a Xia family, a second-rate family in Yunzhou, dare to challenge us?”
“However, we have a lot of supply channels, less than his family.”
“Contact the other suppliers and ask them to supply us more!”
Meng Chunhua said sharply.
“Cousin, I have already contacted.”
“Seven of the eight suppliers that have been supplying with us have ceased cooperation.”
“There is only one small company left and willing to supply it, but it’s a drop in the bucket!” The Meng family said bitterly.
Meng Chunhua listened, and immediately squeezed his palm: “Oh, Mr. Chu, he is going to cut off our Meng family’s supply chain.”
“But, did you cut it off?”
“The prosperity of the world is for profit, and the hustle and bustle of the world is for profit.”
“Third brother, call seven suppliers including Lilai and Geely and tell them that our Chunhua Group is willing to buy at twice the previous price!”
“As long as the other party agrees to supply, we promise to pay one billion yuan in advance.”
“I don’t believe it, don’t they want the money sent?”

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