A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1323

“How about alarming the senior leaders of China?”
“What about disturbing Ye Qingtian?”
“If he dares to block me, my seven-foot green peaks, can I still kill him?”
“Eighteen years ago, I was defeated by Ye Qingtian!”
“It happens to be this time, new and old hatreds, I will get them back together!”
Facing everyone’s persuasion, Mochizuki River lingered all over, speaking harshly.
“Brother, now is not the time to get angry.”
“You haven’t succeeded in swordsmanship, and now you go to China, even if you really run into the Chinese war god Ye Qingtian, what chance do you have?”
“What’s more, it’s not worth it to trigger a war between the two countries for the sake of a child in the countryside.”
The two juniors of Mochizuki River tried to persuade them.
Mochizukihe suddenly clenched his palms, his eyebrows flushed: “Could it be that I watched my son being killed by someone, and stayed indifferent?”
“Brother, we are not letting you sit idly by. But, there is no need for you to act in person.”
“It’s just a country kid, how can you kill a pig with a sledgehammer?”
“The strong under my Sword God Palace is like a cloud, and send a strong below to travel east to China to kill that Xiao Xiaoxi.”
“If you come out in person, the impact will be too great.”
“What’s more, now is the critical period for you, brother, to practice swordsmanship. You have worked hard for several years, and now it is not worth it to stop practicing swords for an unknown child in China.”
The others persuaded again.
Only then did the sword god Mochizuki calm down: “Well, now, this is the only way to do it.”
“Just, who do you think should be sent over?”
However, as soon as Mochizuki’s words fell, a middle-aged man outside the room stepped out: “Father, son Hua Yingtian, please fight!”
“Ying Tian, are you going?”
“It’s not necessary.”
“It’s just an unknown junior, where is Yingtian worth going there in person?”
“You are the first disciple of my Sword God Palace. I asked you to deal with a country boy, but you are overkill.”
The other two palace owners shook their heads.
But the sword god Mochizuki nodded and agreed: “Since you want to go, then go?”
“When you return, remember to bring that head of Ye Fan back. To pay homage to your brother Yinglong’s soul!”
“Boy, take the lead!”
Hua Yingtian immediately clasped his fists and sipped, and then got up and left, preparing to travel east to China!
That night.
China, the top of Yanshan Mountain.
A majestic palace stands tall.
In front of the palace, on a huge door plaque, it was written with dragons flying and phoenix dancing in several large characters: Wushen Temple!
Yes, this is where the highest ruling institution of the Chinese martial arts world is located.
The Temple of Martial Arts, in charge of the Chinese martial arts.
Internally, he is in charge of the power of Chinese warriors.
Externally, it represents the entire Chinese martial arts world.
It can be the official authority of the Chinese martial arts world.
China’s top powerhouse, the god of war, Ye Qingtian, is one of the masters of the Martial God Temple and the head of China’s six great pillar nations.
At this moment, in the Temple of Martial Arts, a message came in.
“On the border of Huaxia, traces of the Japanese sword god Mochizuki River, Hua Yingtian were found.”
“This person has never entered our country before!”
“I entered the country suddenly without an application today, I’m afraid there is any attempt.”
Inside the hall, the commissioner in charge of intelligence walked in and reported immediately.
Ahead, sitting high, there is a man sitting peacefully.
After hearing the report, the man faintly replied, “A disciple of Mochizuki River?”

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