A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1325

The train galloped, and the horizon of the sky constantly hurried past in front of Ye Fan.
In fact, before leaving Yunzhou, Li Er said to send a car to send Ye Fan home.
But Ye Fan refused.
There is no need to be so troublesome. It’s good to take the train, catch the Spring Festival travel season, and feel life like this.
Today’s Spring Festival, the taste of the New Year is getting less and less, I am afraid it is only on the train, on the TV, you can experience a bit.
When Ye Fan was lost, the phone suddenly vibrated.
Ye Fan saw that Qiu Mucheng was calling.
“Hey, Mucheng, what’s the matter?”
“Have you moved into the Yunding Mountain Villa?”
Ye Fan asked with a smile.
He remembered that Qiu Mucheng dreamed of having a big house before. Now that this goal helped her achieve, Ye Fan naturally felt a sense of accomplishment in his heart.
“Yeah.” Qiu Mucheng replied, “but Ye Fan, I am not going to tell you about this.”
“Your train got off in Jingzhou, right?”
“My cousin, Jingjing, has her birthday tomorrow. You can bring me some gifts to see her.”
“I won’t go there.”
“Quiet?” Ye Fan was stunned for a moment, “You mean, Wenjing?”
A few minutes later, Ye Fan had hung up the phone, and then contacted Lu Wenjing.
When Lu Wenjing learned that Ye Fan had returned, she was naturally very happy.
He kept yelling about going to the train station to pick up Ye Fan.
Ye Fan listened and suddenly smiled.
“You Nizi, come to pick me up?”
“I’m afraid that I have lost my way before reaching the train station.”
Ye Fan finally rejected Lu Wenjing’s kindness, but asked her to send her the address of their home. Ye Fan found it by himself.
Four p.m.
Ye Fan finally got off the train, followed the bustling crowd, left the train station, and rushed to the Yulong Jinwan community where Lu Wenjing’s home is.
“Brother Xiaofan, Brother Xiaofan~”
“Where is it?”
Ye Fan just got out of the taxi, and then he saw a little girl outside the community, her face was red with cold, she shouted in the cold wind.
Until, after confirming that it was really Ye Fan, the little girl ran over without hesitation and threw herself into Ye Fan’s arms.
Looking at the lovely girl in his arms, Ye Fan suddenly shook his head and smiled.
He remembered that when he first met Lu Wenjing, it was a similar scene.
At that time, the little girl was still full of hostility and dissatisfaction with Ye Fan. Now that it has only been a few months, the two are already close.
“Hmph, it’s my brother Xiaofan who loves me.”
“My sister Qiu is so bad, she knows to make money all day long.”
“She doesn’t come to see me on my birthday.”
Lu Wenjing complained, and then took Ye Fan upstairs.
The room in Lu Wenjing’s house is very large, and the decoration is very delicate.
At this moment, when Ye Fan arrived, Lu Wenjing’s mother Qiu Huan was cooking. After seeing Ye Fan, she was affectionate and gave a warm greeting.
“Xiao Fan, you can watch TV here first, and the food will be ready for a while.” Qiu Huan said with a smile.
Ye Fan nodded, “Well, sister-in-law, trouble.”
Ye Fan had a good first impression of the sister-in-law of Qiu Mucheng in front of him.
The kindness and kindness of the relatives of the Qiu family who are totally absent from the Qiu family makes people feel extremely kind.
This kind of person deserves to live well.
“Quietly, you’re back, did you receive your brother-in-law?”
At this time, a coquettish young woman walked out of the bedroom and asked casually while stretching her waist.
After walking to the living room, she only noticed that a guest had arrived.
Lu Hong looked at Ye Fan carefully, and then sneered: “He is Ye Fan, right? The son-in-law who enters Zuqiu’s family?”

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