A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter : 133

Facing Chen Nan’s request, Ye Fan didn’t argue with him, so he simply agreed to him, just as a thank you to her for lending him money.
“I bought something first, and I will come back after I buy it. Don’t worry, I won’t run away. I still have some credit.”
“But it doesn’t take that much, two hundred is enough.”
Ye Fan was worried that the store would close too late, so he planned to buy something before returning.
Chen Nan didn’t want Ye Fan to go, but seeing that he only took two hundred li, and didn’t ask for the remaining money, this surprised Chen Nan.
In the past, her father’s poor relatives were too short to give them two thousand. They had to give you twenty thousand.
“Daddy’s poor relative is a bit different.”
Chen Nan’s disgust for Ye Fan faded a bit, and finally he agreed to let Ye Fan buy things first and then come back to help them.
However, at this moment, there was a harsh roar in the distance.
Under the moonlit night, I saw a Maybach, like black lightning swept across the void in the distance. Remember to read in one second
Seeing that the car was about to knock down Ye Fan and Chen Nan.
Suddenly a beautiful tail swing.
The orange taillights pull out the beautiful red tail wing like a knife cut off the water. A very complete drift, this steel Maybach stopped firmly in front of Chen Nan and Ye Fan.
The door opens.
A man in a suit and sunglasses got out of the car like this.
What kind of man is that, his bronze skin is like steel under the dim light, giving people an explosive visual impact. The strong muscles under the suit almost exploded.
Chen Nan seemed to have no resistance to such a muscular masculine man. When this man appeared, Chen Nan showed nympho and almost subconsciously shouted: “So handsome.”
Ye Fan’s eyes twitched when he heard this.
Sure enough, this woman is a group of people who like double standards, and just now she had a coldly instructive face that looked like a cold and glamorous president.
Now that she has changed, she has become the little fan of the strong man in front of her.
However, Chen Nan now truly showed the youth and liveliness she should have at her age.
After all, Chen Nan is obviously young, at most twenty years old.
“This is Shengtian Restaurant?” The man took off his sunglasses, looked up, and then asked Chen Nan in a low voice.
Chen Nan nodded quickly, and then asked: “Are you?”
The man ignored him, but became angry with his dantian, facing the restaurant in front of him, and drank all over his body: “Boxing champion Holden is here, whoever invited me tonight, don’t hurry up and worship!”
“….. Come by now~”
This man deserves to be known as the boxing champion, and with just one drink, the boxing champion’s power is revealed.
A storm blew up suddenly.
“You… Are you the boxing king Huo?”
Chen Nan was stunned at that time, the big man she was waiting for finally arrived.
“Quick, etiquette team~”
“All come out to meet Mr. Huo~
Chen Nan’s task tonight is to be responsible for receiving Holden. Now that the big man arrives, Chen Nan is naturally working hard.
At the same time, Chen Ao and others who were still discussing in the luxurious private rooms of the Shengtian Restaurant changed their expressions immediately upon hearing this drink.
“Quickly, the champion is here!”
“I will go down to meet you~”
Suddenly, the whole Shengtian restaurant became restless. Chen Ao led all the big brothers in Jiangdong downstairs to greet each other.
“Congratulations, Boxing King Huo!”
“Congratulations, Mr. Huo~”
The staff of Shengtian Restaurant stood on both sides of the road. The women wear cheongsams, while the men wear red work clothes specially tailored by Shengtian Restaurant.
Everyone bowed to greet them, and boxing champion Holden greeted everyone’s gaze, stepped on the brand new red carpet, and proudly boarded the restaurant under the reception of Chen Ao and others.
“Boxing champion, Holden?”
Among the team welcoming Horton, Ye Fan looked at him and shook his head with a smile.
I thought this guy, e22b95fe didn’t know how big he was, but the posture was not small, let the Jiangdong guys meet him personally.
Ye Fan didn’t have this treatment.
“Ms. Chen, I yelled too much, and worshipped, should I go shopping now?” Ye Fan smiled bitterly.
Ye Fan didn’t want to participate in this matter just now. Who would have thought that Chen Nan would directly pull him over to gather the number of people, and stand on both sides of the road to greet Horton.
“Yes, you go and come back quickly.” Chen Nan waved his hand, and then asked Ye Fan to go quickly, as if there were still tasks assigned to Ye Fan.
Ye Fan went shopping very quickly, and soon returned with a big plastic bag.
When Chen Nan saw him, he immediately scolded: “It’s dwindling, don’t you hurry up?”
“Go, go into the private room and pour tea for Mr. Huo and the others.”

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