A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1330

“Okay, quietly, leave him alone, he is such a big man, and he can’t be lost.”
“We will wait for her at the hotel in a while.”
While talking, Lu Hong immediately let his fiance drive away.
Lu Wenjing naturally didn’t think much, she thought Ye Fan might be really anxious to go to the bathroom. He also obeyed Lu Hong’s arrangement and went to the hotel to wait for Ye Fan.
However, Lu Hong sneered in her heart.
She didn’t even tell Ye Fan the address. Was it strange that the door-to-door son-in-law could be found?
But is this really the case?
Seeing Lu Hong’s vehicle left, Ye Fan made a phone call.
“Lei third, right?”
“Help me check the car.”
“Tell me, where did this car go?”
“Mr. Chu, it’s hard for me. I can’t check Yunzhou’s car. You should find Li Er.” On the phone, Lei Lao San’s bitter and frightened voice came.
He is in charge of Jingzhou, how can he find out the trajectory of vehicles in Yunzhou?
Ye Fan ignored him, but read the license plate number for himself: “Jiang P68…”
“Jiang P’s license plate?”
Lei San was taken aback for a moment, and then he was shocked, as if he was struck by lightning, and lost his voice: “Chu…Mr. Chu, are you in Jingzhou?”
Old Lei San was panicked.
After a while, Lei San immediately hung up the phone.
Then people quickly contact the transportation department.
“San Ye, what’s wrong with you?”
“Could it be that the sky is falling, why are you so anxious?” asked some subordinates in doubt.
Lao San Lei stared, “What do you know?”
“The Emperor Lao Tzu has come to Jingzhou, can I be in a hurry?”
“After a while, inform the back chef that there will be a full Han’s table tonight!”
“All manners are prepared in accordance with the highest specifications!”
“Wait to meet Mr. Chu.”
Mr. Chu came to Jingzhou, which was naturally a major event for Lei San.
As the leader of Jingzhou City, how dare he slack off?
Naturally, I started to prepare right away, and invited Mr. Chu to a feast to make the best of the landlord’s friendship!
“Sister Honghong, did you tell Brother Xiaofan the address?”
“Why hasn’t he come yet?”
“How about I call him.”
At this time, in the Red Star Restaurant, Lu Wenjing and the others have been there for some time, but after the second class, Ye Fan has been delayed, and Lu Wenjing suddenly became a little worried.
“Don’t, I’ll fight.”
“I just left his phone.”
Lu Hong said rushingly.
Then pretended to make a call.
“Sister Honghong, how is it?”
“Where is Brother Xiaofan?” Lu Wenjing asked immediately.
Lu Hong replied, “Quietly, don’t wait, he is not coming.”
“Your Xiao Fan brother said that he is already on the bus back to the country.”
“Let me say happy birthday to you.”
“Brother Xiaofan promised to come and celebrate my birthday. How could he leave without saying goodbye?” Lu Wenjing was suddenly lost, her beautiful eyes were watery, and she almost shed tears.
“Who knows this?”
“That’s what he told me anyway.”
“Maybe it was because I saw my old luxury car, wear a famous watch, and treat me to dinner, so I felt ashamed and embarrassed to come over.” Lu Hong said lightly.
“Oh, is it so?”
At this moment, a light laughter suddenly came.
Lu Wenjing and others were startled, and then turned to look.
I saw a thin figure quietly appearing.

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