A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1332

Lu Hong laughed.
Qiu Huan glared at her, “Honghong, be polite.”
“Auntie, it’s not that I’m impolite. It’s mainly because I’m making trouble for my sister.”
“How can a few catties of fruit be given for birthdays?”
“He obviously didn’t look at my quiet sister in his eyes, because he just fooled things like this.”
“Right, Quiet?” Lu Hong asked with a smile.
She estimated that her cousin Lu Wenjing was probably mad at this time.
However, what Lu Hong did not expect was that Lu Wenjing still smiled happily.
“Brother Xiaofan is able to come, so he can give me the best birthday present.”
“As long as it is given by Xiaofan’s brother, I like it.”
Lu Wenjing held the fruit basket and smiled.
Lu Hong stared at the time: “Quietly, are you okay?”
“What kind of ecstasy did this guy give you?”
“I really don’t understand you.”
Lu Hong was immediately depressed. Previously, the husband and wife gave Lu Wenjing an iPhone, but she was not so happy.
But now, with a basket of broken fruits, is she a baby?
This silly sister.
Lu Hong shook his head, full of helplessness.
Qiu Huan looked at it, and sighed inwardly.
Can’t even afford a decent gift. From this, it can be seen how embarrassed Qiu Mucheng and his family are now?
She wanted to help her niece.
However, she was able to help for a while, after all, she could not help for a lifetime.
Marrying Ye Fan, a mediocre and hopeless man, is destined to be impoverished for a lifetime.
It’s just pity for Mucheng.
“Hong Hong, is this this one?” When Qiu Huan was worried about Qiu Mucheng’s situation, Zeng Haitao on the side suddenly asked in confusion.
He hadn’t talked to Lu Hong for a day or two. He had basically recognized all of Lu Hong’s relatives, but this was the first time Ye Fan had seen it.
“Hai Tao, forgot to introduce it to you.”
“He is my aunt’s niece, Ye Fan.”
“Just the son-in-law I told you before.”
“It’s not that the Spring Festival is approaching, and I’m about to go back to the countryside for the New Year. Is it just in time for my sister’s birthday? It’s great to have a meal with me and have a place to live.”
Lu Hong smiled faintly, his tone full of contempt.
As soon as Zeng Haitao heard this, it suddenly became clear.
“It turned out to be a relative.”
“Come on, Brother Ye, when we meet for the first time, please give me some advice.”
Zeng Haitao was also enthusiastic, and handed Ye Fan a cigarette while he was talking.
Ye Fan waved his hand and said that he did not smoke.
“Chinese, don’t you really suck?”
“There is nowhere to sell this cigarette in the country, right?” Zeng Haitao asked again.
Ye Fan waved his hand and said not to suck.
“Well, Brother Ye just don’t smoke.”
“However, since they are all relatives, or at night, take your parents over, and I will take you to have fun in the city and take a look.”
“Then have a meal together.”
“The location is still in this red star restaurant.”
“Let me tell you, this red star restaurant is the top three high-end restaurant in Jingzhou.”
“On weekdays, if you want to eat here, you have to make an appointment a week in advance.”
“Most people are not qualified to eat here.”
Zeng Haitao smiled triumphantly.
“Also make an appointment?”
“Hai Tao, did you prepare to book Jingjing a restaurant seven days ago?”
“Look, I am embarrassed to make you so troublesome.” Qiu Huan suddenly surprised when he heard it.
Zeng Haitao waved his hand: “Auntie, I don’t need to make an appointment.”
“We have a relationship!”
“The manager of this restaurant used to be a driver who drove Dad.”
“Seeing me, he has to call me Master.”
“When I speak, he will naturally prepare a room for me immediately.”
“So, we don’t need to make an appointment.”
“If you want to eat here, let’s just one sentence.”

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