A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1333

“Hai Tao is really promising?”
“Hong Hong will be blessed in the future.”
After hearing Zeng Haitao’s words, even Qiu Huan was shocked.
Although, Qiu Huan also knows something about Lu Hong’s fiance.
Knowing that Zeng Haitao’s family is in a good family situation, he himself is considered young and promising.
But Qiu Huan still didn’t expect that Zeng Haitao’s family background could be so powerful.
This Red Star Hotel, Qiuhuan is not new.
Even Lu Wenjing’s father, Lu Mingze, could not save the face of the other party in arranging a private room without a word.
But this Zeng Haitao is so casual.
“Auntie, of course this is true.”
“Hai Tao’s father is the boss of a state-owned enterprise. Now Hai Tao is young and has risen to the head of the department in the company.”
“Hai Tao still has this face.”
“In the future, if you and your second uncle want to come here for dinner, just tell me.”
“No matter at any time, as long as Hai Tao says a word, I will definitely let the hotel manager arrange a good private room for you.”
Lu Hong couldn’t help but brag.
His husband is great, and she naturally has face on her face.
“Yes, auntie.”
“From now on we will be a family, you and me don’t have to be polite.”
“What’s the matter? Auntie, just give it to you.”
Zeng Haitao also said with a smile.
Qiu Huan couldn’t help nodding: “Okay, okay.”
“Haitao, Honghong is also a blessing for Honghong to marry you.”
While Qiuhuan admired him, he turned his head and looked at Ye Fan again.
Immediately sighed and shook his head.
Sometimes, this gap is just compared.
Like her niece, Qiu Mucheng, who had to look good, had a figure, and had a beautiful face, the conditions were undoubtedly worse than those of Lu Hong.
But as a result, the person married is far from Zeng Haitao.
“Xiao Fan, it’s not like being an aunt.”
“The role model is there.”
“In the future, you still have to learn more from Haitao.”
“Take Haitao as an example.”
“I don’t ask you to be like Haitao, so prosperous. I only hope that half of his achievements are enough for you.”
“In this case, Mucheng will not suffer so much by following you.”
Qiuhuan spoke to Ye Fan slowly.
She didn’t mean to look down on Ye Fan, she said this, just hoping to arouse Ye Fan’s upward mobility.
Work hard to live out your own style.
Last night, she said to find a job for Ye Fan, but Ye Fan refused, which undoubtedly made Qiu Huan very disappointed in Ye Fan.
She only hoped that what she said today would make Ye Fan wake up.
Don’t stop thinking about making progress and rely on women to support you.
“Mom, my Xiao Fan brother is very good.”
“I’m afraid that when we add up, we are not half as powerful as Xiaofan’s brother.”
“I have seen that many big people are afraid of Brother Xiaofan.”
The little girl on the side, Lu Wenjing, couldn’t listen anymore, and immediately helped Ye Fan to speak.
But, as for children, who would take it seriously?
Lu Hong even snorted and laughed directly.
“Jingjing, you are still young, do you know what a big shot is?”
“The real big man is like your brother Haitao. In one word, he can let high-end hotels arrange private rooms, and the manager respects them.”
“Believe it or not, the hotel manager will have to come over and give you a toast to Brother Haitao.”
Lu Hong said triumphantly, looking proud like a princess.

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