A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1334

As for Zeng Haitao on the side, he was even more contented.
The waist is much straighter!
However, as soon as the words here fell, the door was pushed open.
I saw the waiter walk in with a bottle of red wine.
“Quiet, aunt, how is it?”
“Say to toast, right?”
Lu Hong smiled triumphantly, it seemed that she thought the other party was here to toast.
But the waiter bowed slightly and apologized: “Several gentlemen and ladies, I’m sorry, there is someone temporarily booked here at the hotel.”
“The entire hotel needs to be cleared.”
“So, please, please come back another day.”
“This bottle of red wine is an apology from our hotel!”
The waiter apologized.
But when the two of Zeng Haitao heard this, they stared directly.
Come again another day?
Zeng Haitao was impatient at the time.
“You are so bold, dare to drive us away?”
“Your manager?”
“Let your manager come over!”
“Just say, Zeng Xiaoxian’s son, Zeng Haitao is looking for him!”
“This guy, turned him back, even I dare to go out?”
Zeng Haitao just made a big talk in front of everyone here, and just got his face up, and immediately after that, he drove them out.
What does this mean?
Isn’t this hitting him in the face of Zeng Xiaotao?
It’s strange that Zeng Xiaotao is not angry!
The waiter over there has already gone to ask for instructions, but Zeng Haitao and the others are still eating.
Qiu Huan was a little worried: “Hai Tao, or let’s go first.”
“Auntie, it’s okay. This quiet birthday party has just started, how can you leave halfway?”
“Don’t worry, it’s just a small matter, my niece and son-in-law can cover it!” Zeng Haitao said confidently.
At this time, the waiter came again.
“What, what did your manager say?” Zeng Haitao asked coldly.
“Our manager said,” the waiter paused for a moment, and then said, “let you go!”
The waiter’s words were like a slap on Zeng Haitao’s face.
An old face turned red into pig liver at the time!
With a snap.
Zeng Haitao came up with the crime.
“Well, you Xu Chenhui, you really turned him back!”
“Dare to let me go?”
“Auntie, you are waiting for me here, I must treat him well today!”
His face was almost swollen by a beating, Zeng Haitao naturally couldn’t sit still anymore, and immediately got up and walked outside.
“Haitao, don’t cause trouble~”
“Hai Tao~”
Although Qiuhuan was worried, he chased it out.
Lu Hong and others naturally followed out.
At this time, the hotel has been cleared.
Many guests have taken a stand.
“Where is Xu Chenhui?”
“Let him get out and see me!”
In the hall, Zeng Haitao’s angry voice came.
This sudden anger naturally attracted everyone’s attention.
The hotel manager frowned and walked towards Zeng Haitao.
“Well, Xu Chenhui, do you have the face to meet me?”
“I ask you, who gave you the courage, even I dare to go out?”
Seeing the man in front of him, Zeng Haitao said angrily.
However, before Xu Chenhui could answer, there was a cold echo immediately behind him.
“I gave it.”
The words are low, with strong majesty.
Everyone followed the prestige, and saw outside the restaurant, a middle-aged man with a rich body, holding a sexy and enchanting girl, walked in with a stab. There was a cigar in his mouth.
Behind him, more than a dozen bodyguards followed, only if the stars held the moon.
The huge ostentation shocked everyone present.
“This… this is?”

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