A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1336

“I said kid, there are more people who have toasted my brother Hao.”
“Without ten thousand, there are several thousand.”
“With this, I want Brother Hao to give you accommodation?”
“Let’s do Nima’s Spring and Autumn Dreams!”
“Don’t hurry up?”
“It’s delayed my brother Hao and sister-in-law’s good deeds, even if your father is here, we also let him not eat and walk around!”
Behind Sun Jianhao, one of his subordinates walked up and scolded.
In the words, it was rude.
When Lu Hong heard this, he was anxious.
“How do you talk?”
“Why do you curse?”
“Have your parents taught you how to speak?”
“Besides, we have already taught money, why do you drive us away?”
Lu Hong’s violent temper rushed up and said angrily at Sun Jianhao and others.
“Honghong, be careful~”
Zeng Haitao was frightened at the time, his face was pale, and he quickly dissuaded him.
However, it was still too late.
I saw that Sun Jianhao, who was originally frosting the palm of the woman’s jade leg, stopped.
He raised his head and his eyes fell in Lu Hong’s direction like this.
After seeing Lu Hong’s appearance, Sun Jianhao’s cold face suddenly smiled: “Little girl, I’m not too old, but my temper is quite strong.”
“However, I like a little pepper like you.”
“Well, you come to accompany me for a drink tonight, I will not only let you eat here, but also free of charge.”
“Brother Hao, this can’t work. Hong Hong is my fiancee. Hong Hong has something to do tonight. I can’t accompany him~” Zeng Haitao hurried over and blocked Lu Hong behind.
However, as soon as Zeng Haitao said this, he only heard a bang, and the subordinate kicked Zeng Haitao to the ground.
“Something ignorant.”
“Brother Hao invites your woman to drink, it is your honor.”
“How dare you refuse?”
“I really give you a face!”
After the subordinate had finished cursing, he then walked in Lu Hong’s direction.
At this moment, Lu Hong finally began to panic.
“You…what are you doing?”
“I warn you, don’t come over.”
“Otherwise, I will call the police~”
Lu Hong shouted in panic.
Sun Jianhao smiled unscrupulously: “Call the police?”
“Interesting, the last person who dared to threaten me like this, the grave head grass is three feet tall.”
“It seems that you want to be the second one.”
Sun Jianhao smiled coldly, indulging his subordinates to take Lu Hong away forcibly.
“Auntie, save me~”
Lu Hong was already crying, crying sadly.
“Dare you?”
Qiu Huan resisted the fear, and finally walked up, speaking harshly.
“Here is another one who lives and lives.”
“This one looks good too.”
“Mature charm and temperament.”
“Take it away too.”
Ahead, heard the harsh laughter of Sun Jianhao’s men.
More than a dozen big guys had already surrounded them, forcibly grabbing Qiu Huan and Lu Hong and walking upstairs.
The people around looked at them, although they couldn’t bear it, but no one dared to speak.
After all, Sun Jianhao can’t afford them.
Therefore, everyone just shook their heads and sighed, looking at Qiu Huan and the others, full of pity.
“Mom, sister~”
“Bad boy, let go of my mother.”
Lu Wenjing was already crying, she screamed with tears, and even ran up to bit those people’s arms.
Since childhood, Lu Wenjing has listened to her mother telling stories. She thought the world was as beautiful as a fairy tale.
But until now, the little girl did not know that there is darkness in this world!

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