A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1339

Seeing more than a dozen men rushing up, Ye Fan at this time couldn’t help but shook his head secretly.
“Sun Jianhao, I thought, if you stop in time, shouldn’t I leave you a way to survive?”
“But it’s a pity that you don’t know how to cherish.”
“In that case, there is nothing to say.”
Ye Fan said coldly, in his heart, Sun Jianhao had already been sentenced to death.
At the next moment, Ye Fan, who had been motionless, finally shot.
In the hall, everyone saw Ye Fan stepping on the ground, taking a few steps, then raising his leg and kicking it seven feet.
Immediately afterwards, amidst a screaming scream, the dozen or so burly men flew out like fireworks exploded.
After knocking over countless tables and chairs, he rolled out along the doors and windows.
In just a few breaths, everyone fell!
For a while, the audience was dead.
Ye Fan’s fierce means shocked everyone.
Even Sun Jianhao, who was sitting in the Grand Master’s chair, could no longer remain calm at this time, the tiger stared and stood up with a squeeze.
Unprepared, the charming girl in her arms screamed in panic, and was overturned to the ground, groaning in pain.
“Good boy, there are some tricks.”
“No wonder you dare to challenge me?”
Ignoring the woman who fell on the ground, Sun Jianhao’s face was gloomy and solemn, with tiger eyes like a knife, staring at Ye Fan coldly.
“If it is an ordinary person, you may have been scared by your methods.”
“But it’s a pity, you met me, Sun Jianhao!”
“Want to make me bow my head, these alone are not enough~”
Sun Jianhao let out a low growl, then he waved his hand toward the outside.
Immediately afterwards, only a bang was heard.
Outside the restaurant, a crowd of people rushed in like a tide.
Dozens of men, fierce and evil, after rushing in, they directly blocked Ye Fan’s surroundings.
Today, it was Sun Jianhao’s twentieth birthday for his lover.
Therefore, in order to show his energy, Sun Jianhao brought many people over.
If it was an ordinary time, it would take a lot of time for Sun Jianhao to gather so many people.
But today, Ye Fan obviously happened to hit the gun.
This is why Sun Jianhao has been so unscrupulous from beginning to end.
Except for this relationship between himself and Lei San.
Naturally these brothers behind him.
“I’m afraid it’s really over now~”
Seeing so many people, the hope that Lu Hong and others had just ignited in their hearts was instantly extinguished.
In my heart, it’s cold.
Obviously, they are desperate.
Lu Hong had even seen the scene where he was ruined by Sun Jianhao at night.
She has been engaged to Zeng Haitao for a long time, but it hasn’t come up yet.
In order to save his first night to the wedding day.
But I didn’t expect that now I would be ruined by a bully like Sun Jianhao~
Lu Hong was sad, and there were tears in her eyes.
As for Qiu Huan, he also looked desperate.
She is just thirty this year, and she is already a wife, at the graceful age.
She couldn’t imagine how she would face her quiet father in the future if she was not chaste.
“Brother Xiaofan~”
Even Lu Wenjing, who had seen Ye Fan’s majesty, began to worry in her heart, her pretty face pale.
“Brother Hao, the subordinates are late, are you all right.”
After these people poured in, they asked Sun Jianhao with concern.
Sun Jianhao waved his hand: “Don’t worry about me, I’m fine.”
“It’s this bastard who is in trouble.”
“For a while, beat me to death!”

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