A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1342

Originally, for Sun Jianhao and others, Lei Laosan didn’t even care about it.
But no matter what, I can’t help my wife.
Lei Aoting’s mother, just this younger brother, naturally wanted to give him the best.
Therefore, Lei San had no choice but to promote his brother-in-law, giving him a lot of power and wealth.
But just like this, it also contributed to Sun Jianhao’s arrogance.
Over the years, Sun Jianhao has no idea how many misfortunes he has caused.
After the death of the last time, Lei Laosan immediately became furious, and was no longer prepared to protect the brother-in-law. He went to jail and was relieved.
But no matter what, his wife cried and made troubles, and finally Lei San’s heart was softened. After using countless relationships, this matter was completely suppressed.
He thought that after this incident, Sun Jianhao would learn a lesson.
But now it seems that he is thinking too much.
“The country is easy to change, but the nature is hard to change.”
“I took it for granted.”
“Think about it, how can a dog change to eat shit?”
“In that case, I can’t blame me.”
The vehicle was still driving on the street, but Lei Lao San’s expression was completely cold.
Seeing this, Lei Aoting on the side was shocked.
On weekdays, he rarely sees his father like this.
Obviously, this time, his father was completely angry.
“It’s just a father, he is my uncle after all, and mother’s brother.”
“Do you really want to give up your uncle?”
“I’m afraid my mother will not be able to explain it.” Lei Aoting said in a low voice, full of worry in his eyes.
He knew his mother’s affection for this younger brother.
Last time, in order to save this brother, he almost forced his father to death.
Nowadays, Lei Aoting is also really afraid that things will be uncontrollable again.
“Explain?” Lei Lao San listened and suddenly sneered, furious.
“If I explain to her, then how can I explain to the Lei clan and the ancestors of the Lei clan?”
“Today, I offended Mr. Chu, this Sun Jianhao, I will never forgive him!”
“I gave him a chance, but he didn’t know to cherish it.”
“This kind of person will not be removed today, and my Lei family will be destroyed by him in the future.”
“Son, our surname is Lei, your father, I am the head of the Lei family, not her grandson.”
“We have no obligation to take the future and life and death of the Lei family to protect the beast of the Sun family!”
Hearing what his father said, Lei Aoting’s face suddenly became paler.
“Dad, are you really not saving uncle?”
“I’m afraid of my mother, so I won’t forgive you for the rest of my life.”
“That silly girl, let her go!” Lei San directly cursed, “It doesn’t matter if she wants to die or divorce Lao Tzu.”
“This kind of brother-helping demon woman, is it okay to roll away?!”
Lei Laosan was really angry.
If it wasn’t for his wife, the demon to help his brother, how could such things happen now?
“Son, father’s experience of blood and tears.”
“When you marry a woman, you must never marry the Demon Fu.”
“She will kill our family.”
Lei Lao San said coldly, but Lei Aoting bowed his head and said nothing.
Both sides are his own blood relatives. Lei Aoting didn’t know what to say.
At this time, Lei San had already picked up the phone and called the police station.
“Hey, is it Director Wu Zhiming?”
“I’m Lei San.”
“Make arrangements, Red Star Hotel, and take someone there.”

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