A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1346

“Mr. Chu, don’t listen to the brute talking nonsense.”
“My third son Lei is a person who hates evil.”
“If I had a brother-in-law like this, I would have sent him to jail for reformation, how could I still make him behave?” Lei Laosan smiled.
Upon seeing this, Ye Fan was expressionless, and coldly replied: “Isn’t he your brother-in-law? I don’t care.”
“I only care about one thing, and that is your account. Can it be implemented?”
“It’s fine for him to offend me, and covet my sister-in-law.”
“Lei San, I’ll put the words here, this person, you can’t do it, I will do it.”
“At that time, Sun Jianhao will not be the only one who will die!”
The cold wind blew in along the broken doors and windows.
Lei Laosan shuddered, and his back was already covered with cold sweat.
He could hear that Ye Fan’s words were reminders and warnings!
Even if Ye Fan didn’t say it clearly, Lei Lao San could understand the meaning of the words.
Obviously, Ye Fan is warning Lei San, if he dares to protect Sun Jianhao.
At that time, not only Sun Jianhao will die, but the Lei family will also have to go to the funeral!
“Mr. Chu, you can rest assured.”
“It’s just a bastard, can’t my old three, Lei, get it?”
“Mr. Chu, please wait with peace of mind.”
“When he is shot, I will call you and ask you to watch the execution.”
“Juju Wu is here too. If you don’t believe me, can you still believe that Juju Wu can’t succeed?”
Old Lei San Qiang smiled, but he had already made up his mind.
Sun Jianhao cannot stay anymore.
Soon, the crowd also dispersed.
Red Star Restaurant, once again restored calm.
Lu Hong and Qiu Huan undoubtedly regained their freedom.
But Qiao’s face was pale, but she was in shock.
“Sister, it’s okay, things have been settled.”
“Well, you take Jingjing and go first. Wu Ju wants to invite me to dinner. People have helped me a lot. I can’t refuse, so I will leave them to say thank you.” Ye Fan walked over and comforted softly.
“Ok…well, Xiao…Xiaofan, you are busy with you, no…don’t care about us.” Facing Ye Fan’s words, Qiu Huan replied in fear.
Looking back on what happened just now, it was like a dream.
At this moment, looking at the niece in front of him again, Qiu Huan felt that they were a little strange. Even speaking, they are called “you”.
After all, to make Lei Sanye so respectful and make Wu Ju a guest of honor, no matter how stupid Qiuhuan is, he can undoubtedly see that Ye Fan is afraid that he is not ordinary?
However, just after Ye Fan said this, Lu Wenjing on the side was dissatisfied: “No, Brother Xiao Fan, I won’t leave. You haven’t finished your birthday for me. I want to eat with you. ”
“Quiet, don’t mess around, come back soon!” Qiu Huan was shocked to hear his daughter’s words.
Whether it is Lei Lao San or Wu Zhiming, they are all big shots.
Wu Zhiming is the leader of the Municipal Bureau, so I won’t say, Sanye Lei, it’s the god of Jingzhou!
If he is so self-willed to play nonsense, if they offend them, how can their family bear it?
In panic, Qiu Huan hurried over to pull Lu Wenjing back, and at the same time bowed his head again and again to apologize: “Wu Ju, San Ye, yes… I’m sorry, I can’t help you. The child is not sensible, so please don’t Go to the heart…” Qiuhuan’s forehead is already full of cold sweat.
Ye Fan smiled when he saw this, “Sister, what apologize.”
“Quietly said, she is the eldest for her birthday today. We all listen to him.”
“Quietly, go, Brother Xiao Fan will take you to a big meal and help you make up for this birthday party.” Ye Fan said, Chong Du.
“Xiao Fan, how can this work?”
“San Ye and Wu Ju are both big shots.”
“You big people are talking about business, Wen Jing is a little kid, how good is it to have dinner with you?”
Qiu Huan’s pretty face was pale, and her words trembled.
For fear of saying something wrong, it angered such big people as Lei Sanye and Wu Zhiming.

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