A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1347

“It depends on what you said.”
“Jingjing is Mr. Chu’s younger sister.”
“Don’t say that I ate at the same table with us. It is the leaders of the provincial party committee who are here, quietly if they are eating at the table, and no one dares to say a word.”
When Lei Lao San heard Qiu Huan’s words, he quickly said with a smile.
Wu Zhiming next to him also echoed:
“Yes, what a lovely girl. It will be a beauty in the future.”
“Is it called Jingjing?”
“Quietly, my uncle will also be with your brother Xiao Fan. Can you celebrate your birthday together?”
While speaking, Wu Zhiming also bent over and teased Lu Wenjing.
And ordered his men to go out and buy some gifts.
Wu Zhiming’s behavior also reminded Lei San.
“Look at my head, just thinking about inviting Mr. Chu to eat, but forgot to prepare a present for Jingjing.”
“Quiet, what you want, tell uncle.”
“I will ask your brother Aoting to buy it for you.”
Old San Lei slapped his head and immediately asked the little girl in front of him.
That kind and amiable look is like a smashing leader, but like a kind grandfather.
The majestic Qiuhuan has undoubtedly been dumbfounded.
I just feel flattered.
She never dreamed that one day, three big men like Lei Sanye and Wu Zhiming would treat their daughter so well, and even give Jingjing a birthday?
With such a face, there are not many people in Jingzhou, right?
Qiuhuan was naturally excited, fearful, and honored at the same time.
But the more like Lei Lao San and others, the doubts and tremors in Qiu Huan’s heart became deeper at the same time.
She knew very well that her daughter was quiet, and the reason why she received such treatment was entirely because of Ye Fan.
But what secret is there in Ye Fan that makes Lei Sanye and others so respectful?
In this way, with Qiuhuan’s trembling and puzzled eyes, Ye Fan had already taken Lu Wenjing’s hand and slowly walked upstairs.
“Well, brother-in-law, I am your sister too, can you… take me there too?”
At this time, Lu Hong’s hesitating and tangled voice came from behind.
She waited for Ye Fan’s answer with eyes full of expectations.
After all, if she can pass this dinner and get on the line with Lei Sanye and Wu Zhiming, then she will have a boundless future in Jingzhou in the future.
However, no one responded.
Ye Fan went upstairs with Lei Lao San and the others without looking back.
In front, only the little girl Lu Wenjing’s silver bell laughed.
All of a sudden, Lu Hongqiao flushed, and she felt ashamed.
Originally, Lu Hong thought that Ye Fan wouldn’t refuse her because of the face of Lu Wenjing and Qiu Huan.
But now it seems that she is thinking too much.
People don’t even care about themselves.
However, Lu Hong knew that he could not blame Ye Fan.
Everything is her own responsibility.
Thinking of this, Lu Hong was suddenly full of regret.
Before regretting yourself, you shouldn’t look at people and target Ye Fan.
“Your daughter’s life is really good.”
“Sanye Lei personally celebrated your daughter’s birthday.”
“That’s the first one in this entire Jingzhou city.”
“How beautiful~”
“When your daughter grows up, she will have a bright future~”
After Ye Fan and others went upstairs, the onlookers in the hall immediately congratulated Qiuhuan, and their words were full of envy.
And Qiuhuan was also full of joy and thanked him again and again.
With the spring breeze all over his face, Lu Hong, who looked at the side, felt a sorrow in his heart.
Originally, she might have this opportunity.
It’s a pity that her dog looked at people, and finally missed this great opportunity.

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