A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1355

At the beginning, what Qiu Mucheng heard was in the clouds.
Qiu Mucheng didn’t know until later, after Qiu Huan finished talking about the future of the dragon.
“Mucheng, when you married Ye Fan back then, everyone thought you married a waste.”
“However, it now appears that you married a real dragon!”
“This time, thanks to Xiao Fan.”
“Mucheng, sister-in-law is happy, happy.”
“If your grandpa knew, Xiao Fan was so promising.”
“I will regret it, I drove you out of the Qiu family back then~”
On the other end of the phone, Qiu Huan’s excitement and joy came.
I don’t know why, Qiu Mucheng listened, tears shed in her beautiful eyes.
she cried.
But those are tears of joy, tears of joy.
Even at the Haitian Grand Banquet, when she learned that Ye Fan was Mr. Chu, Qiu Mucheng did not lose her stance like she is now.
For so many years, Qiu Mucheng could not hold her head up in front of the Qiu family.
Everyone looked down on her and laughed at her. The only sister who was kind to her also felt sorry for her.
But now, those dark days have finally passed.
Now, Qiu Mucheng is no longer the woman who made people pitiful and laughed at.
No one laughed at Ye Fan’s birth, and at Ye Fan’s incompetence and uselessness.
On the contrary, her man is destined to become a world-renowned person that everyone in the Qiu family can hardly reach and cling to!
As the saying goes, a wife is more expensive than a husband.
Today, relying on Ye Fan, she Qiu Mucheng, in the eyes of the Qiu family’s relatives, finally raised her brows, and can look up confidently.
“Sister, you are welcome.”
“this is necessary.”
“I was kicked out of the house by my grandfather. In the Qiu family of Nuo Da, only sister, you gave me charcoal in the snow. I still remember my niece.”
“Now, when you are in trouble, if Ye Fan doesn’t help you, the niece will be the first to let him go.” Qiu Mucheng smiled with tears.
For the first time in so many years, she said such hard words.
She Qiu Mucheng has such confidence!
Soon, the phone hung up.
Qiu Huan and Lu Mingze were ready to go home.
“Xiaohuan, where’s Jingjing, is she at home?” Lu Mingze asked casually.
At this time, Qiu Huan noticed that Lu Wenjing, who had just gone out with her, was now gone.
Qiuhuan panicked at the time.
“Yes, what about Quiet?”
“She obviously went out with me.”
When Qiuhuan and others were in a panic, on the other side was Jingzhou Bus Station.
A passenger car drove away slowly.
In the car seat, Ye Fan was sitting by the window.
The body was shaking constantly with the bumps of the vehicle.
After three years and three years away from home, Ye Fan today finally embarked on the road to his hometown.
I don’t know why, even if Ye Fan, who has experienced countless winds and rains, at this moment, the always calm heart suddenly made waves.
“Brother, drink water?”
When Ye Fan lost his mind, he suddenly protruded his little hand that had always been pretty in front of him, and handed him a bottle of mineral water.
Ye Fan waved his hand subconsciously and said with a smile: “Thank you, I don’t…”
However, Ye Fan hadn’t said the word thirsty yet, and when he saw the little girl in front of him, he screamed out in shock. ,
“Quietly, why are you here?”
Ye Fan was stunned at the time and shouted out without a word.
“Go home with Xiaofan for the New Year.”
“Does the ugly wife see in-laws too?”
“Brother Ye Fan helped me and my mother so much, and I decided that I would like to be my brother Xiao Fan’s wife.”

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