A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1357

“Mom, I know.”
“Sorry, my boy worried you.”
“I’m fine.”
“The kid is really fine.”
“Mom, wait at home and your son will be home soon.”
“This year, the child will not go anywhere, just by your side, to accompany you during the New Year.”
Ye Fan worked hard to keep his words calm, and said with a smile.
But on the phone, Ye Fan’s tears had already flowed down uncontrollably.
If Li Er, Chen Ao and others saw what Ye Fan looked like now, they would be shocked.
Is this still the best Jiangdong hero?
Is this still Mr. Chu who is powerful in the world?
A person who was once so majestic is now crying like a child.
However, where do they know.
What about the Lord of Jiangdong and the Lord of Dragon God?
Even if Ye Fan is in charge of the entire world, he is still a child in front of his mother.
Three years.
Guilt, sadness, grievance, all kinds of emotions, at this time, like a tide, swept out.
Almost instantly, it spread all over Ye Fan’s chest cavity.
There are more than six billion people in this world.
However, the only thing that can make Ye Fan show his heart is probably only the woman on the other side of the phone.
Only in front of his mother, Ye Fan can remove all the hard pretences, and can cry and shed tears like a child.
Yes, the world only knows that Ye Fan is the all-round Jiangdong hero and the famous Yanjing King!
However, does anyone remember that Ye Fan was just a young man in his early twenties.
At this age, many people have not even graduated from college.
But Ye Fan had already experienced it early, and it was not the suffering and wind and rain that he could bear at this age.
“Brother Xiaofan, why are you crying?”
“Is your mother murdering you?”

Mother is fierce to you, because she loves you and cares about you. ”
“You should be happy.”
“At least in this world, there are still moms who care about you.”
Seeing Ye Fan’s appearance, the little girl was empathetic and comforting.
He even took out a tissue to help Ye Fan wipe away the tears from the corners of his eyes.
But Ye Fan was afraid that his mother would hear his gaffe, so after explaining the matter, he hung up the phone quickly.
Then she looked at the little girl Lu Wenjing next to her: “Quiet, I’m fine.”
“My mother didn’t kill me.”
“Brother Xiaofan is just happy.”
“Because I can see my mother.”
“Yeah.” Lu Wenjing muttered softly, but the milky voice of milk was extremely popular.
“Brother Xiaofan, can you tell me about your mother?”
“Jingjing is really curious, what kind of brother Xiaofan’s mother is like?” Lu Wenjing held his pretty face and looked at Ye Fan like this.
The big flickering eyes are like stars in the sky.
Ye Fan said softly: “My mother, very beautiful.”
“In my heart, she is the most beautiful woman in the world.”
“She dares to love and hate, no one can stop her about what she believes.”

“She has suffered a lot for me, and also suffered a lot of wrongs.”
“She is also me, the first woman who vowed to use her life to protect her.”
The wheels are galloping, and the wind outside the window whizzes past your ears.
An old passenger car, carrying countless wanderers back home, headed for the distant horizon.
Ye Fan’s grandfather’s house was in Yeyang Town, below Jingzhou City.
About an hour’s drive.
At eleven o’clock in the morning, Ye Fan and Lu Wenjing got out of the car.
When he set foot on the land under his feet again, there was an inexplicable mood brewing in Ye Fan’s heart.

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