A Dish Best Served Cold

Chapter: 1369

“However, this is what I worry about the most.”
“It’s good to have arrogance, but the key is to have arrogant capital.”
“Otherwise, it would be arrogant and arrogant.”
“Xiao Fan’s biggest shortcoming is this.”
“Ximei, after you go back, please persuade Xiao Fan to be down-to-earth and not to be too lofty.”
“In this life, whether a person can get ahead or not is a fate, don’t force it.”
“Sometimes it’s a good thing to admit one’s fate.”
“As for the future, you can rest assured that Xiao Fan’s cousins are promising and will not forget to support him.”
“It really doesn’t work. Let Xiaofan sow the fields of our Ye family. After all, he won’t be hungry.”
As the saying goes, people will die and their words will be good, and horses will mourn and cry.
Ye Xukun is already half of his body into the soil, and what he said did not deliberately belittle Ye Fan.
But what is really true is that as an elder, the concern and worry for the younger generation.
Ye Xukun’s life has been wonderful.
The hard work brought up four children. Except for the eldest daughter Ye Ximei who rebelled against him, the other three children made Ye Xuguang proud and proud.
The love affair between Ye Ximei and Ye Fan’s father was a hundred objections to Ye Old Man.
But after all, he still failed to stop his eldest daughter.
At that time, Mr. Ye severed the relationship with Ye Ximei in his anger.
However, this relationship between father and daughter, can it be broken?
Ten years ago, when the desperate Ye Ximei hugged Ye Fan and appeared in front of her house.
No matter how much anger and inconsistency was in his heart, Old Man Ye was finally relieved.
Just said one thing, come back?
Then, they took in their mother and child.
Now, the next generation of people have grown up, and what Elder Ye can’t let go of is still his eldest daughter’s son.
However, even Ye Ximei knew that her father was not malicious.
However, when he heard that his son was so unbearable in his population, no one knew how painful and bitter Ye Ximei felt at that moment?
Could it be that her son is really so mediocre and incompetent?
Could it be that her Xiaofan can only be a farmer in the future?
At that moment, Ye Ximei lowered his head, but the palm of his hand under his sleeve was clenched. The fingertips almost penetrated into the flesh and blood.
At this time, Old Man Ye looked at Ye Yuyan again: “Yuyan, blood is thicker than water. Grandpa hopes that you can still help your brother Xiaofan in the future, so he can help as much as possible.”
“The Ye family’s generation, you have the highest achievement.”
“Your cousins, they all listen to you.”
“You know, Xiao Fan has no father.”
“If you don’t help Xiao Fan, his life will be really sad.”
Elder Ye slowly persuaded.
Ye Yuyan’s expression was still cold, and she faintly replied, “Grandpa, let me help him. But the premise is that he deserves my help.”
“Heaven helps those who help themselves, if the mud can’t support the wall, I can’t help it.”
“That is, we Yuyan will be a general who will lead the army in the future. How can anyone be qualified to let her help?” Ye Ya echoed.
However, it is now.
There was a boom, then suddenly.
Immediately afterwards, the closed door was knocked open unexpectedly.
Then, in the panic and trembling eyes of everyone, a figure covered in blood flew in directly.

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